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Hyer's Highlights: Plus Prices for Plus Sizes

New Look was the subject of public outcry this week after a shopper saw them raise prices on plus-sized clothes.

Hyer's Highlights: Plus Prices for Plus Sizes

Fashion chain New Look is promising to review its prices after a public outcry over larger-sized clothes costing more than those in smaller sizes.

Recently, a shopper saw trousers which cost 15% more in the ‘Curves’ collection than a pair in the main collection. The issue has divided opinion over whether using more material should mean higher prices.

Some have suggested that it is reasonable to charge more for a garment which uses extra fabric. Others see it as a discriminatory “fat tax” which subliminally makes people feel like they are being told to lose weight.

On Benji Hyer's Sunday radio show he asked whether this practice is fair, or if the public outcry was justified. In response, listener Paige argued passionately that “being slightly larger” isn’t always a life choice, and therefore she and others should not have to pay more money for the same clothes.

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Interview with Jay Pryor

James Gilmore interviews Jay Pryor about his first gig, success so far and if he’s ready for his own big hit...

Positiva Records has been home to some of dance music’s biggest stars – including David Guetta, Avicii, Martin Garrix and even the hit ‘I Like To Move It’ by Reel 2 Reel.

The latest addition to the Positiva roster is a producer who has everything that it takes to take over and become the biggest DJ on the planet. Yes, we’re talking about Jay Pryor.

The bedroom producer-turned-chart topper from Dublin, Ireland saw his first hit helping out on the production on Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s ‘Just Hold On’ which charted at #2 on the UK Singles Charts. Since then, he has also provided the official remixes for the likes of Niall Horan, ZAYN (that makes 3/5 of One Direction!), American Authors and more.

His major label debut comes in the form of ‘Rich Kid$’ – a single about not needing to…

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BKMRK | Is innocent until proven guilty still respected in society?

After reading the new book "We Are Young" by Cat Clarke, Lekhika asks about the idea of "innocent until proven guilty".

BKMRK | Is innocent until proven guilty still respected in society?

This discussion is brought to you by BKMRK, the book club operated by Hachette Children's Group. To find out about Lekhika Chaudhary's book of the month as part of the BKMRK book club, click here.

The first book as part of Lekhika Chaudhary's BKMRK book club is We Are Young by Cat Clarke. The book centers on Evan – on the same day as Evan’s mother marries a local radio DJ, her brand-new step brother Lewis is found unconscious and terribly injured, the only survivor of a horrific car crash.

A media storm erupts, with the finger of blame pointed firmly at loner stoner Lewis. Everyone else seems to think the crash was drugs-related, but Evan isn't buying it. With the help of her journalist dad, Harry, she decides to find out what really happened that night.

One of the topics that the…

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