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Review: We Are FSTVL (Saturday)

Read our review of the first day of We Are FSTVL 2017 - featuring performances from Craig David and more

We Are FSTVL returned this year for its 5th anniversary celebrations that touted a huge and varied lineup and camping for the first time.

The festival has run for the last four years and has seen headliners such as Fatboy Slim, DJ Fresh, Sigma and Disclosure. This year was no different, with Craig David headlining alongside Jonas Blue in the Terminal 1 tent.

Craig David brought his iconic TS5 DJ set to We Are FSTVL, playing a mix of fan favourites and tracks from upcoming British acts.

Kurupt FM, who have made a name for themselves from their hilarious mockumentary on BBC “People Just Do Nothing”, also made an appearance and played even more garage and old school tracks back to back. Both sets were energetic and were highlights of Saturday’s sets.

Other acts to grace the main stage included, Terminal 1,…

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Interview with R5

James Gilmore interviews Rocky and Ross Lynch from R5 about their 'New Addictions EP' release

The time after you leave Disney Channel often seems like a make-or-break moment, as talented individuals try to work out their position in the world after leaving the Disney Channel bubble.

R5 seem to have that nailed.

Made up of siblings Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch with friend (and Rydel’s now-boyfriend) Ellington Ratliff the band have been idolised by millions of fans since their debut album Louder was released in 2013.

But things are different now.

Even when their last album was released, 2015’s Sometime Last Night (an album which charted at #6 on the Billboard 200), Austin & Alley, the programme which brought Ross Lynch to fame, was still on the air. Now its 2017, the show has been over for nearly a year and, for the band, it's finally time to release a new set of songs.


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Hyer's Highlights: Manchester Attack

Listener Joshua messaged Benji Hyer with his suggestion to prevent future attacks from taking place...

Hyer's Highlights: Manchester Attack

It has been a sombre week in the UK this week.

The events in Manchester have shocked the whole country, and indeed the world. For someone to see a concert as a not as a scene to cherish, but as an opportunity to cause carnage, is twisted and heart-breaking.

The response from the domestic and international community has been overwhelming, often supportive, but sometimes destructive, like when US officials leaked the name of the then suspect.

Our politicians reacted: May delivering a stern speech, and Corbyn addressing British foreign policy.

The people remained resolute, belting out Don’t Look Back in Anger at the vigil, and starting the trending hashtag of #BritishThreatLevels on Twitter, which has to be the most marvellously British response to terrorism of all time.

Benji Hyer opened his show with an invitation to listeners to share their views,…

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