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Interview with Tiggi Hawke

James Gilmore catches up with pop artist Tiggi Hawke whilst on her Coffee House Sessions Tour

Tiggi Hawke has been called a ‘pop prodigy’ in the past – and although this is a title that she personally disputes, it’s one that most fans would see fit.

The London-based artist first gained attention in 2016 with debut single ‘In The Wild’ – a dance-pop track which immediately turned heads. In 2017, her EP ‘Burn Notice’ alongside tracks such as ‘Neon Dancer’ and Mike Mago collaboration ‘Dangerous Behaviour’ have kept her position as a ‘One To Watch’ in pop.

If you want music you can dance to – and is actually good (not just a thump thump thump type of dance music) – then Tiggi Hawke is definitely worth getting excited about.

Whilst she was on her Coffee House Sessions Tour, James Gilmore caught up with Tiggi Hawke about her collaboration with Mike Mago, being a ‘pop prodigy’ and what we can expect…

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Interview with Ebenezer

Myles McCaulskey sits down with the London-based hip-hop artist who deserves much more hype around his name following single 'Cliche'.

2017 has been a big year for new music, but for one artist you could say tat 2017 started it all.

Ebenezer has worked with the likes of Rejjie Snow (featuring on his track ‘Flexin’) as well as ADP and Jeremih (on ‘No Good For Me’) – all moves which have led up to his debut single ‘Cliché’.

In the single, he lets you know quickly where he’s from: “I ain’t like those other ******’s I’m from London, North Side’s where we come from” – an Instagram Bio in the making and something he’s very proud of.

In follow-up, ‘Ask Around’, another collaboration with ADP, and ‘Survival’, the artist inspired by the current wave of US-based R&B and Hip-Hop artists shows exactly why he deserves much more hype around his name.

Myles McCaulskey interviewed Ebenezer about his entry into music, single ‘Cliché and what…

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Interview with Connie Glynn/Noodlerella

James Gilmore interviews YouTuber Connie Glynn, also known as Noodlerella, about her new book and more.

Interview with Connie Glynn/Noodlerella

To her fans she’s known as Noodlerella, to her super fans she’s known as Connie Glynn.

Whichever name you know her as, the YouTuber (best known for her cosplay and impression videos) has over 76M views on YouTube so, you know, if you don’t know her you’re probably in the minority.

As many YouTubers do, Connie/Noodle has written a book but this one is a bit different… it’s fiction… and it’s really good… and it’s actually a series of books!

The series, called ‘The Rosewood Chronicles’ follows a 14-year-old called Lottie who starts at a boarding school where she shares a room with the crown princess of Maradova and inadvertently finds herself imitating her roommate so the princess can experience normal teenage life.

James Gilmore interviewed Connie Glynn AKA Noodlerella AKA Connie Glynn all about her new book and more!

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide…

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