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Hyer's Highlights: Trump's 100 Days

Benji Hyer responds to listener Alex about Donald Trump's first 100 days as President

Hyer's Highlights: Trump's 100 Days

Determining a Presidency’s success by inspecting its first 100 Days is a tradition of US politics. In many of his campaign rallies, Trump himself set a number of targets for the first 100 days – and now it is time to evaluate what kind of progress the US leader has made toward fulfilling campaign promises.

Trump promised to build the wall and ‘drain the swamp’ within his first 100 days, he was going to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare. In reality? His most notable and durable achievement is the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and he fought with Canada over milk.

Trump has signed more executive orders than any of his 12 predecessors – pulling the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, permitting pipeline construction and Arctic oil exploration – he has no major legislation to his name and has failed to break the…

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Advice / Opinion

Hyer's Highlights: Strong and Stable Leadership

Listener Sammy agrees that Theresa May is a vote for strong and stable leadership, Benji Hyer isn't so sure...

Hyer's Highlights: Strong and Stable Leadership

Theresa May can barely open her mouth without saying the words “strong and stable leadership”.

The Conservative slogan has been used 25 times in the Commons in 10 days, 16 times during PMQs on 26th April, and 12 times in one speech by Theresa May.

The 2017 Conservative campaign seems to be May stands up to say “strong and stable leadership or a coalition of chaos”, and the sitting back down again. No new policy and no media scrutiny; indeed, she seems to prevent media questions by either holding a campaign event in the middle of the forest in Scotland, or just answering every question with the same response about “strong and stable leadership”.

Sammy sent in a message agreeing with Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ message – Benji Hyer wasn’t so sure…

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Interview with Incisive

Myles interviews west-London independent rapper Incisive

Hip-hop, rap and urban music is at its most popular since the past decade. With the likes of Kendrick Lamar topping the charts, and grime music ruling the waves, it takes something special to stand-out.

Incisive writes his own rhymes and produces his own beats, and those rhymes and beats are in a lane of their own.

Hailing from west London, he has collaborated with the likes of Shakka and vocalist Yasmin Baker and has been making music since 1992 when he was in rap duo I.n.A (Incisive and Adrenaline).

Now, Myles McCaulskey interviews Incisive about his new EP, life as an independent rapper and more.

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Myles McCaulskey interviews Incisive

Myles McCaulsey interviews west London rapper Incisive about his new EP, life as an independent rapper and more. (17 minutes)

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