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Listeners Who Still Believe In Santa Claus

Meagan asked listeners if they still believe in Santa Claus... and two listeners came back with surprising responses!

Listeners Who Still Believe In Santa Claus

On her show, Meagan asked listeners to tell her if they still believed in Santa or not! Many listeners let her know when they found out he wasn’t real, but a couple of listeners were still convinced, telling Meagan that they are still firm believers.

Meagan was eight years old when she found out that Santa wasn’t real. She was spending the holiday at her grandparents and, as any other child, she always got excited to open presents, so she would wake everyone up at 5am.

That year, her Grandma wasn’t having it! Meagan went to knock on her door and well… she ripped open the door and told Meagan to go back to bed because Santa doesn’t exist!

Whether you believe in him or not; the figure is what keeps the Christmas spirit alive! Listen to Meagan reading out and responding to two listeners who still…

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Interview with The Wandering Hearts

James Gilmore speaks with Chess from emerging British country-pop The Wandering Hearts to find out what all of the hype is about!

When most people think ‘country music’ they think of places like Nashville or, in general, America. What most people don’t think of is London.

However, things are changing!

The Wandering Hearts cite the likes of The Civil Wars, Chris Stapleton and The Lumineers as their inspiration for the country-pop sound they are becoming known for.

The London-based band – consisting of Tara, Chess, AJ and Tim – are causing a storm and are tipped as a Ones To Watch for 2018 and beyond. So, it’s only natural that they jump on a Coffee House Sessions Tour!

James Gilmore caught up with Chess from The Wandering Hearts whilst on their Coffee House Sessions Tour to talk hype and new music.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

[audio audio="" title="James Gilmore interviews Chess from The Wandering Hearts" descr="James Gilmore interviews Chess from The…

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Interview with Tiggi Hawke

James Gilmore catches up with pop artist Tiggi Hawke whilst on her Coffee House Sessions Tour

Tiggi Hawke has been called a ‘pop prodigy’ in the past – and although this is a title that she personally disputes, it’s one that most fans would see fit.

The London-based artist first gained attention in 2016 with debut single ‘In The Wild’ – a dance-pop track which immediately turned heads. In 2017, her EP ‘Burn Notice’ alongside tracks such as ‘Neon Dancer’ and Mike Mago collaboration ‘Dangerous Behaviour’ have kept her position as a ‘One To Watch’ in pop.

If you want music you can dance to – and is actually good (not just a thump thump thump type of dance music) – then Tiggi Hawke is definitely worth getting excited about.

Whilst she was on her Coffee House Sessions Tour, James Gilmore caught up with Tiggi Hawke about her collaboration with Mike Mago, being a ‘pop prodigy’ and what we can expect…

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