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Review: The Hate U Give

18th October 2018 | Films

Review: The Hate U Give

It goes without saying that the USA – and the rest of the world, but especially the USA – is incredibly divided at the moment. The United States are not so united as people are split – rich vs poor, white vs black, republican vs democrat.

A story that has consistently kept the world’s eyes focused on the US over the past few years has been the mistreatment of black people at the hands of the police.

The headline “unarmed black man shot dead by police officer” has become commonplace – whether in 2014 with Eric Garner who was murdered after a police officer used a banned chokehold to restrain him, Michael Brown in the same year who was fatally shot by a policeman in Ferguson or Freddie Gray in Baltimore in 2015 who died after police caused a severe spinal injury whilst carrying him to the police van. These are just 3 of hundreds of stories.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that these stories are nothing new. It may feel like a recent “phenomenon”, but the truth is that this is a historical truth that has existed for decades. It’s only now that, as witnesses on the scene can film the events with their phones, that they are becoming as viral as they are. But, even in 1991, when Rodney King was beat to death by policemen more than 50 times – it was nothing new.

This is the landscape that The Hate U Give exists in, and it’s the issue that the film (directed by George Tillman Jr. and based on the novel by Angie Thomas) tackles head-on.

The case in this film might be fictional – the victim, Khalil (played by Algee Smith), is a made-up character, but…

Interview with Will Arnett

3rd September 2018 | Films

Interview with Will Arnett

Will Arnett has one of the most famous voices in the world.

His voice has featured in Pixar's 'Ratatouille, 'Despicable Me', he voices the lead character of BoJack in the Netflix series 'BoJack Horseman and he's the voice of Batman in 'The LEGO Movie' and 'The LEGO Batman Movie'.

When it comes to his face... you may recognise that too! He plays Gob in the Netflix series 'Arrested Development' and he's been in 'Blades of Glory' and 'Hot Rod'.

For his latest film role though he's back behind the booth as a producer and voice in the film 'Teen Titans GO! To The Cinema' based on the DC Comics superhero team Teen Titans.

In the film, a villain (voiced by Will!) and his maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks the plans of the Teen Titans as they dream to make it in Hollywood.

James Kleinmann interviewed Will Arnett in New York about his career to-date and the new movie.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Kleinmann interviews Will Arnett

James Kleinmann interviews Will Arnett in New York about his career to-date and the new Teen Titans GO! To The Movies.  (5 minutes)

Interview with Amandla Stenberg

8th August 2018 | Films

Interview with Amandla Stenberg

Imagine a world were 98% of young people have been wiped out.

It’s difficult to imagine; but The Darkest Minds (the new film from the producers of Stranger Things and Arrival) is set in that world. Those who have survived the virus have done so by developing superhuman powers… only, the Government has declared them a threat and have placed all young people in internment camps.

Well, not all of them. Obviously, there are those who escape looking for a better life. But, even so, everything might not be how it seems.

Looking between the lines, The Darkest Minds is one big metaphor. In the real world, young people are ignored and underestimated. Those who defy the odds can often be demonised for success… and those who don’t fit the mould are often on the run to find acceptance.

The film centres around Ruby Daly (played by Amandla Stenberg) – her journey starts when she discovers her powers whilst, accidentally, erasing herself from her parents’ memories. We interviewed her about the film and her activism.

WR: How did you get involved in ‘The Darkest Minds’?

AS: The role was actually offered to me. I think there was interest in me partly because I have spoken out on issues like cultural appropriation and Black Lives Matter. Since the character is a leader, or at least reaches the point of being a leader during the course of the movie, I think they felt I had some of Ruby’s qualities. Also, I went to school with [the film’s producer] Shawn Levy’s daughter and he knew my work.

WR: On which note, how much did you feel like you could relate to Ruby?

AS: Ruby is dealing with a lot of issues. She has…