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Coming Soon: W!ZARD Studios Presents: The Mission

13th August 2017 | Films

Coming Soon: W!ZARD Studios Presents: The Mission

W!ZARD Studios, a division of W!ZARD Radio Media, is excited to announce it’s latest radio documentary: The Mission – Fighting Everyday, To Ensure Another One.

In the documentary, British journalist Benji Hyer investigates climate change and the impact it is having on our world today. He speaks with several notable figures in the race to fix our planet – including former United States Vice President Al Gore.

The documentary will be released on Friday 18th August 2017 to celebrate the release of Paramount Pictures’ An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, directed to Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk and starring former United States Vice President Al Gore.

The documentary will be premiered on W!ZARD Radio Station at 5.00pm UK time on Friday 18th August, before it is made available on the official W!ZARD Radio Media website and iTunes for free download.

W!ZARD Studios would like to thank both Paramount Pictures and 10:10 for their assistance, guidance and co-operation in making this production.

5 Tips - How To Do London Film & Comic Con

2nd August 2017 | Films

5 Tips - How To Do London Film & Comic Con

London Film and Comic Con takes over the whole of London Olympia to bring you 3 jam-packed days. From your favourite movie and TV stars, hundreds of stalls of merchandise, photo opportunities, guest talks and autograph sessions: here are a few tips to ensure you have a fantastic three days!

Here are Lekhika Chaudhary’s tips on how to survive the manic event!

1 – Look at the prices in advance
With a huge number of guests coming to do photoshoots, sign autographs and host talks, it is best to have a look at the cost in advance and plan for it! Also, the price list includes at what day your chosen guest will be coming! In some cases, you can buy and pay for certain events online; which can save you time on the day.

2 – Divide your time evenly
LFCC plays host to many things. Dividing your time ensures you don’t miss anything and that you can focus more on what you enjoy. With hundreds of stall full of memorabilia and merchandise waiting to be purchased, you don’t want to miss a thing!

3 – Have a look at the schedule
Know when the talks and photoshoots are happening! This allows you to know where you need to be and at what time. It also helps avoid the queue! Make sure you plan everything so there are no clashes. If there is a clash; find a LFCC worker who can help you make the most of your experience.

4 – Talk to people
As daunting as it sounds, everyone at LFCC is amazing and super nice to talk to! Here, you will find people with similar interests. Talk to cosplayers, take lots of photos with the ones you like and…

Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

2nd July 2017 | Films

Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

Swinging into action is the long-awaited addition to the Spider-Man franchise.

Jon Watts’ film is not just a superhero blockbuster but its central coming-of-age tale connects with children and adults alike.

Tom Holland, a 21 year-old Brit, was picked by Marvel to play 15 year-old Peter Parker. He does not disappoint! Swinging across the screen, his warmth and hunger for adventure wins us over from the moment we are introduced to him.

Throughout the film he comes up against opposition from teachers, classmates, and Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr). Feeling locked in, he dreams of fighting bigger fights and bigger enemies. He soon gets his wish when he comes face to face with The Vulture – played by Michael Keaton. Keaton’s slow progression from everyday guy to powerful weapons dealer is masterful.

Watts gifts us with some of the most exhilarating superhero action sequences in years. A trained gymnast, Holland makes Spiderman’s backflips and stunts look effortless.

Throw in a number of brilliant gags, the inevitable romantic subplot and fan-pleasing goosebump moments, Spider-Man Homecoming is one to watch this summer.