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Interview with Camille Jansen

4th August 2017 | Fashion

Interview with Camille Jansen

Camille Jansen (or “Cami” to her friends, which definitely does not include us) is really cool.

We first discovered Cami* in the first edition of our Hot 4 competition – where we select 4 amazing/funny/talented videos, give you 2 weeks to vote on them and then something or nothing happens.

At the time, it was this amazing video which we saw:

(P.S. When we first found it, the video had around 10,000 views – now it has 1.5M. Yes, we’re trendsetters)

In her day-to-day, Camille is a student (living in France) but is now making the transition to being a model (which makes sense, because models are really cool and she is really cool). She’s signed to ‘Anti Agency’ which is quite a big deal in the modelling world.

Whilst flying around the world she also captures her adventures on YouTube (‘vlogging’ as it’s called) and writes music, takes photos (which you can check out on Instagram HERE) and whatever else people as cool as her get up to.

James Gilmore interviewed Camille Jansen to congratulate her on winning the first edition of Hot 4 and to talk about modelling, music and more.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Camille Jansen

James Gilmore interviews Camille Jansen about modelling, music and winning the first edition of Hot 4. (5 minutes)

*We just checked, definitely not allowed to call her that yet.

Pink Jackets To Make The Boys Wink

13th January 2016 | Fashion

Pink Jackets To Make The Boys Wink

Pink coats. The trend no one ever saw me, queen of the monochrome wardrobe, liking. But this trend made a storm at New York and London Fashion Week and in these dark, dreary January days what could be better than brightening up your winter blues with a piece of pastel?

But , pink can sometimes be a hard colour to work into a wardrobe, we tend to associate the colour with Barbie and being a little girl who likes unicorns and sparkles, which I still do to be honest? So here my friends, are 3 easy ways of making the pink jacket work for your wardrobe this January!


1. Monochrome + Pink

The perfect backdrop for pink is for certain black and white, it lets your coat do the talking. I love pairing a white or grey top and black jeans with my pink coat, as I can find pastel can be too full on if team with other colours. Over a year ago, I blogged my favourite look with my pink coat and this is still something I wear to do this day (trend setter or what I hear you say?)

2. Fur

Another great trend to incorporate into your pink coat is fur, pink is already bags of fun but with fur it can be a real conversation starter. Think the bigger the better, especially if you team with an all black outfit so as not to distract from your new pet.

3. Tie Waist

‘Dressing gown’ esque jackets are becoming big again and I absolutely love this hot pink honey, which perfectly complements a pair of denim blue jeans so if you’re not fully invested in oversized bright jackets yet, wearing your…

Audrey Hepburn - How Many Outfits?

8th January 2016 | Fashion

Audrey Hepburn - How Many Outfits?

Audrey Hepburn; winner of 13 awards including BAFTA, Grammy and Golden Globe Awards, mother of two, actress, humanitarian and style icon.

It's been almost 23 years since she died, but she still remains one of the biggest and best actresses of all time, as well as one of the most iconic style idols for women.

Most people look for her fashion sense in her movies, different characters she plays, what kind of character she played and how her fashion represented that character.

It was the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' that placed Audrey Hepburn firmly in her style icon place. The posters of the movie clearly show the chic style she had in the movie; large sunglasses, gloves, a black dress - which is simple yet sophisticated, a large but beautiful pearl necklace and to finish it off, her hair placed into a neat bun which perfectly rests on her head with a little tiara. Simple of course, but it was fashionable and perfect which made her the queen of fashion.

The dress she wore in the movie was designed by fashion designer and long term friend, Hubert de Givenchy. In the movie she is also seen wearing a beige trench coat as well as a pink cocktail dress which in my opinion is quite cute! A line of clothing was produced after the movie was released, which represented the look of Audrey and her style in the movie - however fashion changes. Audrey changed her style to something other than dresses, moving on to a full skirt with a sweater and a scarf around her neck or head - she always worked closely with her friend Givenchy to create different looks and outfits.

She used to change her accessories all the time too,…