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Review: Shadow Sovereigns - Susan George

1st September 2015 | Books

Review: Shadow Sovereigns - Susan George
The blurb of this shocking title perfectly describes the hugely fascinating subject of ‘corporatocracy’.

“Lobbying has long been part of the political landscape. But in recent years links between big business and government have become stronger and more far-reaching than ever. Global corporations now demand control over decisions affecting labour laws, finance, public health, food and agriculture, safety regulations, taxes and international trade and investment… in this incisive and clear-sighted book Susan George provides us with the practical knowledge to do just that.”

Corporatocracy is the threatening concept that our government is controlled by powerful monopoly corporations rather than the people we elect through democracy. It may sound like a concept developed by conspiracy theorists, but this book accurately delivers the evidence to support the genuine political stealth of corporations as they seize power from the government all for financial interest.

As Susan George emphasises, corporations have no desire to directly control politics or be seen in the public eye, which is probably why this subject is so overlooked or unheard of, yet curiously a subject of a play at politics that many monopolies have been practising for decades.

George delves into the reality of Western business and illustrates the limitless capabilities of mega-corporations in relation to our vulnerable democratic governments. She highlights the threats our human rights face – all for the financial interests of monopolies and their manipulative lobbyists.

Shadow Sovereigns is one of the most powerful books talking about a subject so covered from public eye. If you have any concern for environment, minimum wage, GMOs, public services or even the sanctity of democracy - you may be interested to read of the unpunished crimes committed by cults of CEOs, all for the continuation of minimal expenditure and maximum…

#NewDayNewNormal Tour

9th August 2015 | Books

#NewDayNewNormal Tour
Inspired by the increase in Young Adult books exploring real teen issues, Egmont Publishing, David Fickling Books and Quercus are sending three authors on a joint tour around the UK...

It's called: #NewDayNewNormal.

It's a four-stop tour celebrating the fact that new Young Adult books are able to tackle once difficult themes of sexuality and gender identity, and question societal norms, like never before. Stopping at Waterstones shops in Cardiff, Oxford, Brighton and London, your three authors are:

David Levithan - His debut novel, Boy Meets Boy was one of the first novels for teenagers featuring gay characters to be a commercial success in the US and won the 2003 Lambda Literary Award in the Children/Young Adult category. His bestselling novel Every Day, about a character who switches bodies every day and therefore has no concept of race, gender or sexuality, is published by Electric Monkey, and recently won the UKLA Book Award for fiction in the 12 to 16 age category. The companion novel, Another Day, is publishing 30th July. Together, Every Day and Another Day set out to answer the question: could you love someone if they changed every day?

Lisa Williamson - Her debut novel The Art of Being Normal, published by David Fickling Books, follows the story of a boy grappling with his desire to become a girl. The patient stories Lisa heard whilst working for The Gender Identity Development Service - a specialist NHS service for young people struggling with their gender identity - inspired her to create a fictional teenage character exploring these issues.

Louise O'Neill - She is the Sunday Independent Newcomer of the Year, the Inaugural Bookseller Young Adult prize and the Children’s Books Ireland Eilis Dillon award winning author of Only Ever…

Interview with Melissa de la Cruz

1st July 2015 | Books

Interview with Melissa de la Cruz
Coming later in September 2015... Disney Channel presents Descendants a new original movie that follows the troublesome teenage offspring of Disney’s most infamous villains - Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen.

In the lead-up to this new DCOM, Disney and New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz have released: The Isle of the Lost: A Descendant’s Novel. The book acts as a prequel to Disney’s Descendants and is published by Parragon here in the UK.

We had the opportunity to chat to Melissa de la Cruz about the book. Here's what happened...

Q: Where did the opportunity for you to write this book come from?

M: Disney Hyperion published my Blue Bloods series, and I’ve been with the company for over twelve years. They asked me if I was interested in writing a fantasy novel for kids about Disney villains and I jumped out of my seat, because that very morning I had just told my agent I wanted to write a big fairy tale series. And now they were handing me the biggest fairy tale of all - the Disney canon. I could not have been more excited.

Q: What was the experience like writing a book that acts as a prequel to an already-decided story confirmed to having full control as to the future of characters as you would when writing a normal novel?

M: It was an interesting puzzle, because while I had the freedom to make the book my own, we had to end up at that first scene of the movie. So how did we get there? What happened before then? But in a way it was just like writing any of my books as I always know…