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Live Blog: Legends Of Gaming Live

5th September 2015 | Technology

Live Blog: Legends Of Gaming Live
We're here giving you the latest Live from Legends of Gaming Live 2015 at the Alexandra Palace, London. Stick around for minute by minute coverage as your favourite gamers battle it out head-to-head on Minecraft, Call of Duty, Mario Kart and more!

Later today DAN DTM, one of the world’s biggest Minecraft players will take to the stage alongside Ashley Mariee, Wroetoshaw (Fifa), ALI-A (COD King), Twinsane, Calfreezy and Syndicate.

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09:24 I'm here! 09:31 Doors have opened and the guests are flooding in. No chairs yet but an exciting day ahead.

10:01 We have began our LIVE broadcast at Joseph Perry and James Gilmore are presenting our Live coverage this morning from a busy Alexandra Palace. Theres just under an hour until the grand opening.

10:13 Alexandra Palace is really filling up. Looking around you can see a huge range of gaming fans from professionals to younger fans

10:24 Not long now until the opening. James and I have uncovered a Guinness World Record attempt here today. The Ali-A zone is giving gamers the chance to attempt one of the new exclusive Minecraft challenges featured in the brand new Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition (out September 10th) and relinquish Ali-A’s title!

10:51 We're back. Only 9 minutes until it all kicks off. The fans keep coming in - at this rate I'll be drowning in fans!

10:57 3 minutes!

11:00 Its Calfreezy!! Part of 'The Sidemen' with KSI. He reckons he is the strongest legend in response to a question from Alex. He takes a seat…

Interview with Ali-A

22nd July 2015 | Technology

Interview with Ali-A

Legends of Gaming Live is a brand new event dedicated to the very best in gaming across all formats and platforms.

Taking place this September 4th to the 6th at Alexandra Palace, London it gives you the chance to see your favourite gamers battling it out head-to-head and you will also have the opportunity to get your hands on the latest and most exciting new gaming gadgets.

YouTuber Ali-A is one of the biggest gamers on the internet and is a Legend of Gaming. James Gilmore interviewed him about gaming, nipples and a whole lot more...

James Gilmore interviews Ali-A

James Gilmore interviews YouTuber Ali-A about gaming, YouTube, advice, nipples and a whole lot more...

James Gilmore: How did you get into YouTube?

Ali-A: I just wanted to share my gaming highlights with friends at school so I bought the most basic standard definition capture card you could at the time and then I uploaded 30 second clips onto YouTube to share them with my friends. Eventually that built momentum over time and more people started watching it, but that initial process was to just have fun and share some gaming clips.

James Gilmore: When did you first get into gaming?

Ali-A: Years ago… I can’t remember when, I was certainly young. My first console was the Game Boy Colour with ‘Pokemon Gold’ and my life was that game. I absolutely loved it and that’s where it all began.

James Gilmore: When did you first realise that YouTube could be a career?

Ali-A: It wasn’t instant because I’ve been around, in the gaming scene, since the beginning and it certainly was not a career then. When I started the see the bigger channels really take off and other channels start…

Disney•Pixar have a new app and it's all Inside Out (Thought Bubbles)!

6th July 2015 | Technology

Disney•Pixar have a new app and it's all Inside Out (Thought Bubbles)!
If you’re as excited about the new DISNEY•PIXAR film Inside Out as we are, then this news will get you as happy as Zach (from The Suite Life) when he finally got that date with Maddie.

We’re mega-happy to let you know about Inside Out Thought Bubbles the new mobile game based on DISNEY•PIXAR’s Inside Out.

The game takes you on a journey with Joy, Anger, Disgust and Sadness to match and sort memory bubbles in Riley’s head as they travel through unique locations inspired by the film.

Players (yes… that means YOU) will shoot and match memory bubbles through an epic 125 unique levels.

You will travel through Family Island, Dream Productions, Imagination Land and more as you complete each challenging puzzle and unlock new characters.

Each Emotion has its own unique power-up that can be unleashed to help you through the game.

What does that mean?< well it means that you can do things like create a sunburst with Joy, let the rain pour down with Sadness or launch a fireball with Anger.

DISNEY•PIXAR’s Inside Out tells the story of what happens when young Riley is uprooted from the Midwest life and moved to San Francisco and her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.

The blockbuster film stars the likes of Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling and more and is released nationwide on the 19th June.

You can download Inside Out Thought Bubbles for free at the following stores:

Apple® App Store℠
Google Play™ Store
Windows® Phone Store
Windows® Store
Amazon® Appstore