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Review: Derren Brown's Infamous

4th June 2013 | Theatre

Review: Derren Brown's Infamous
As 2,000 people waited outside the doors of the Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue the blinds in front of the entrance windows seamlessly rolled up in perfect synchronisation. It was the perfect entrance for, what would be, a mysterious evening. Derren has pulled it off again!

If you feel gripped to your TV sets (or, in one episode – your couch) when watching him on Channel 4, the intensity of his live stage shows are at a whole new level. Every angle of the show has been perfected – from truly jaw-dropping moments to times when you are laughing your head off. That’s inclusive of the many volunteers Derren used during the show as well.

The set is extremely simplistic, which exposes Derren to a world where he cannot hide behind big machinery (as in Svengali) and it opens the platform for real magic. The openness of the show (and some of Derren’s revelations during it) makes Infamous a much more personal experience. However, there were some moments which I felt were performed poorly – especially one hospital scene which I feel had a lot of build-up but no substance.

In terms of suitability, Infamous does contain some strong language and is definitely not suitable for under 12’s. Even one day later, I am still shaking my head in disbelief of what I witnessed. Andy Nyman (Derren’s Director and Co-Writer) and Derren have worked a masterpiece here and I’m already scouring the internet for more tickets!

This show has proved Derren to be a greater genius (well, he puts it in other words during the show) than anyone ever thought before. Everyone has a duty to see this show again and again and again!

Review: A Chorus Line

10th May 2013 | Theatre

Review: A Chorus Line
A Chorus Line revolutionised Broadway, revolutionised the West End, broke records and won countless awards. And, it looks like it’s ready to do that all over again! Unlike so many other shows in the heart of London, the talent doesn’t hide behind fancy costumes and big sets. In fact, apart from a white line on the stage on which the dancers line-up, there is very little else as far as a set is concerned. But this is no hindrance.

A Chorus Line is raw talent at its finest! The singing is fantastic, the dancing is spectacular and the acting is authentic and believable. It is widely known that the original production of A Chorus Line was based on the real lives of dancers who were taped by Michael Bennett, telling their life stories.

Well, I must send a huge apology to all of the popular television programmes of today, this reality show beats them all! As well as that, the team behind this revival picked a legendary venue to house this timeless production. It is a musical that will surely change the minds of anybody that feels squeamish at the thought of a night out at the theatre – and one that will become an all time favourite for west end lovers (if it isn’t already!)

If you’re unsure as what to see when you’re in town, keep it safe and take a visit to the Palladium! Book your tickets now, by clicking here.

Review: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

7th March 2013 | Theatre

Review: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time
It’s very rare for me to be as excited walking out of a theatre, as I was walking in! Mark Haddon’s mega-successful novel, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ is given a refurbishment as impressive as that of the Apollo Theatre. As soon as you walk in, you are shifted into the mind of maths-genius, Christopher Boone and his skewed perception of reality.

Luke Treadaway’s performance as Christopher could only be described as perfection – replicating the main character flawlessly. Treadaway takes on the character of Christopher and his extraordinary brain is extremely moving as is his on-stage relationship with all of the characters, both physically and verbally.

The use of lighting, sounds and the set brings the escapism of the Theatre to a whole new level as the whole audience are on the edge of their seat through-out the production... but wish they were permanently tied to it at the end!

If this is the only thing you see in the theatre this year – consider yourself fulfilled as this is a production that you will never forget. Just as Christopher’s detective work upturned his world... so will this for you! Outstanding and fantastically inspirational! A must-see for both long-time Theatre-lovers, and newbies a like!

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