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Review: Welcome Home, Captain Fox

26th March 2016 | Theatre

Review: Welcome Home, Captain Fox

Welcome Home Captain Fox, the new play at the Donmar Warehouse, gives us an interesting and humorous view of what makes up a family. But is it a night to remember, or one easily forgotten?

Gene (Rory Keenan) has completely lost his memory and is taken to a US army psychiatric ward after being exchanged from a east german prison. He is then taken out of the ward by the society debutante Marcy DuPont DeFort (Katherine Kingsley) and her much older and much more cynical husband DeWitt DuPont DeFort (Danny Webb). Marcy wishes to use Gene, who she suspects, due to his accent, that he might be from Long Island, and so she decides that she will go around houses that have sons matching his description that went missing during the war. The first one he goes to are the Fox’s, who lost their son, Jack Fox, when he went to war, partially due to trouble within the family itself. The Fox’s take him in, believing him to be their Jack. Is this his family? Does he like his “family”? What will happen if he doesn't?

The first good thing to say about this production is it’s very strong sense of 50’s style. For fans of such movies as Some Like it Hot and Gentleman Prefer Blondes, this show is very much aimed at you. Everything from the french music in the scene changes to the writing that is both dramatic and witty throughout. This play is all about relationships of every kind, and knows that this will be a big draw of the show and so really focuses itself on these scene. The most compelling scenes of the play are results of characters such as Mrs Fox and George being left alone with what is (allegedly) their…

Live Blog: 16th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards

21st February 2016 | Theatre

Live Blog: 16th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards

This LIVE BLOG will launch at 6.45pm from the Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

6.45pm We're here, live from the Prince of Wales Theatre in London at the WhatsOnStage Awards! We can hear Nicole Kidman talking downstairs... it's nice to have a different accent in the house.

6.51pm People are arriving in their droves... Sorry, we mean dresses! A little update on the KidmanCam - we can still hear her beautiful Aussie accent and it'd be ace if she came up to talk to us. Just sayin'.

7.00pm And the show has begun! The curtain has lifted, the lights are on, and I'm really trying to be funny/satirical but I'm finding it difficult amongst all of the excitement. Ask me in a couple of hours though, I'm sure it would have worn off.

7.10pm The show has kicked off with Steve Furst singing a lil piece and ending on (you guessed it) a chorus line. Also name dropping Dame Judi Dench and Imelda Staunton (both up for awards tonight)...

7.18pm The Furst song is over (see what we did there) and now onto tonight's proceedings (and the first of MANY Orange Juices).

7.19pm Alright, now time for serious business. It's time for the Equity Award for Servics to Theatre presented by Sarah Hadland (TV star).

7.23pm And the winner is Kenneth Branagh! What a way to kick off the night.

7.27pm And the winners are piling on! The award for Best New Play has gone to Photograph 51. We're expecting to hear Kidman's voice again very very soon...

7.28pm The award for Best Play Revival goes to Hamlet. (My fingers are starting to get tired)

7.33pm It's starting to get mega busy here - and just as Dame Judi Dench…

Interview with Emma Earle

23rd December 2015 | Theatre

Interview with Emma Earle
Based on the popular book by Richard and Florence Atwater, also made into the Hollywood film starring Jim Carrey.

At of the many children's musicals in the West End (and just off the West End) this Christmas season, none is more creative than Emma Earle's new production of Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Painter and decorator by day, Mr Popper spends his time dreaming of Antarctic adventures. So, he is astounded when one day a packing crate arrives on his doorstep, out of which waddles a penguin!

With songs, puppets and a family of performing penguins this enchanting musical production suitable for all the family.

James Gilmore interviewed director Emma Earle about why she decided to turn this legendary story into a musical and how adaptations are made.

Broadcasted worldwide, only on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Emma Earle

James Gilmore interviews Emma Earle about her production of Mr. Popper's Penguins and how adaptations are made.