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Live Blog: WhatsOnStage Awards 2015

15th February 2015 | Theatre

Live Blog: WhatsOnStage Awards 2015

This LIVE BLOG will launch at 6.00pm from the Prince of Wales Theatre, London.


18:39 We are here, live, at the Prince of Wales Theatre in the heart of London's West End for The WhatsOnStage Awards 2015. We'll be covering all of the gossip and award winners (and losers) live on here! Keep refreshing for the latest updates...



18:46 The audience are arriving in their droves! Some famous West End names have also arrived - including Kerry Ellis who is currently in Cats at the Palladium and West End Producer (#dear). Cast members from Jersey Boys, Miss Saigon and more are already seated as well.



18:56 And... West End Producer have just walked past us! We're shaking in our boots... #dear.



19:00 The tannoy has spoken and tonight's events are about to kick off! Here we go...



19:10 The first award for Best Supporting Actress is taking place right now!



19:15 The nominations for Best Supporting Actress are... Billie Piper (Great Britain), Gillian Anderson (A Streetcar Named Desire), Helen McCrory (Medea), Imelda Staunton (Good People) and Lucy Briggs-Owen (Shakespeare in Love).



19:21 We can hear all sorts of noises from inside the theatre here at the Prince of Wales! We have a feeling that our first winner may be on the way.



19:22 And our first winner of the night is VANESSA KIRBY for the Young Vic production of A Streetcar Named Desire! Congratulations Vanessa - an interview with us is your next appearance!



19:23 Vanessa has thanked her team, Director Benedict Andrews and Gillian Anderson. She's self-proclaimed that her dressing room is like a bomb site! We've probably seen worse Vanessa, much worse.



19:25 Just before Vanessa comes up to us, it's time for the Best Supporting Actor in a Music Award! This one has gone to KWANG-HO HONG for Miss. Saigon



19:27 We've just realised we wrote the wrong…

Review: Happy Birthday Without You

24th January 2015 | Theatre

Review: Happy Birthday Without You

Happy Birthday Without You at the Tricycle Theatre is a one woman play that can only be described as bizarre yet brilliant. A play like no other. The audience leave confused, slightly scarred and with a belly ache from too much laughter.

Sonia Jalaly is an actress to look out for. To captivate an audience with nothing but yourself requires talent- and she's got it. Her performance paints pictures to recreate a peculiar world for us all to enjoy. Not to mention that writing a nonsensical play that an audience can follow probably makes her a genius.

The play stars fictional character Violet Fox who invites you to join her on a journey of her past tragic birthdays, usually involving a lack of cake and a drunken mother. Sound exhausting? Well spending 1 hour and 10 minutes in fits of laughter can be, especially when you feel guilty about it. The story is devastating, the actress hilarious.

Fox woos us with song, expressive dance and party bags, constantly keeping you guessing what her next move is till the very end of the show. Her skills include miming to 80s songs and the best impression of Julie Andrews you'll ever see.

The play starts at 9:15 which, although late, is perfectly suited to it. I urge anyone with a spare evening to grab a friend and a bottle of wine and make their way to the Tricycle Theatre to enjoy what can only be called an 'experience'.

Review: Cirque Berserk's Mechanika at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

1st December 2014 | Theatre

Review: Cirque Berserk's Mechanika at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

"Cirque Berserk goes where no circus has gone before..."


Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is one of London’s standout winter events every year. Whether you’re attending for the Ice Skating, The Magical Ice Kingdom, Giant Observation Wheel, Zippos Circus or any of other attractions filling the 1,600m2 plot of land – 15 million people can’t be wrong!


A favourite in Hyde Park year-on-year is Zippos Circus who, this year, are returning with two shows: their ever-popular daytime show for all the family, Zippos Christmas Circus and an evening show for older thrill seekers, Cirque Berserk: Mechanika – a show that simply cannot be missed.


The large red and write striped Mega Dome tent for Zippos Circus is over 65ft tall and instantly grabs the attention of everybody nearby. Upon entering the warmly heated tent, there is an instantly atmosphere created by haunting drums and tambourines in semi darkness tinged with a red lit glow, punctuated only by the sale of popcorn, candy floss and sabre flashing lights.


The show is set-up similar to a traditional circus, with a central stage surrounded by four fairy lit pillars, although it is much faster paced and dangerous. It is clear that Cirque Berserk's Mechanika goes where no circus has gone before.


Highlights include the Zulu Warriors performing a truly astounding acrobatics act, involving robots climbing on each other in a breathtaking balancing act as well Germaine Delbosq with her insane foot juggling and spinning whilst on a motorcycle.


However, the most unforgettable piece in the 45 minute show is the finale, the Globe of Death. Hailed as one of the most dangerous circus acts in the world, the beyond-thrilling spectacle features three motorbikes riding together at up to 60mph in an…