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New Rock and Alternative Music Changes

30th March 2017 | W!ZARD Radio News

New Rock and Alternative Music Changes

W!ZARD Radio Station is proud to announce its latest venture into the world of rock and alternative music: The Mosh Pit (with Chris & Jordan).

Our premier alternative music presenters, Chris and Jordan (who previously presented ‘Beef Hour’) will be on W!ZARD Radio Station every Saturday afternoon with a new show, showcasing the very best of rock music.

Each week, accompanying the show will be a playlist of the very best rock music – available exclusively on Spotify.

In an additional shake-up to W!ZARD Radio Station’s rock and alternative output, leading music presenter Alex Irons will be fronting our second new rock brand, W!ZARD Radio Rocks.

W!ZARD Radio Rocks will air on Friday evenings, with a fresh selection of rock music, interviews and full album playthroughs every week. As well as that, it will work with the W!ZARD Studios production team on other content pieces and social media output.

James Gilmore, Founder and Managing Director of W!ZARD Radio Media commented, “W!ZARD Radio Station’s commitment to rock and alternative music has always been an important part of our offering as a media outlet which understands that there is more than one type of teenager. We’re very excited to be able to grow this with The Mosh Pit (with Chris & Jordan) and the aptly named, W!ZARD Radio Rocks!

The Mosh Pit (with Chris & Jordan) launches on Saturday 1st April 2017, whilst W!ZARD Radio Rocks with Alex Irons launched on Friday 7th April 2017.

W!ZARD Radio Station 2016 Summer Hiatus

1st July 2016 | W!ZARD Radio News

W!ZARD Radio Station 2016 Summer Hiatus

Every year, W!ZARD Radio Station takes a brief hiatus in order to do server maintenance and development which would otherwise disrupt our broadcasting.

We can announce that in 2016, W!ZARD Radio Station will be taking a 2 week hiatus from Friday 8th July to Sunday 17th July.

During this period, there will be no broadcasting – however all other W!ZARD Radio Media services will still be operational.

Make sure you look out for online exclusives posted during this period as well as our coverage of Latitude Festival.

We’ll see you soon…

W!ZARD Giving Announces January 2016 As Trans Month

6th January 2016 | W!ZARD Radio News

W!ZARD Giving Announces January 2016 As Trans Month

6 JAN - Today, W!ZARD Giving has announced January 2016 as their 'Trans Month'. Through-out the month a series of special interviews and featured discussions will take place on W!ZARD Radio Station in order to expand the conversation around issues faced by trans youths.

Amongst the month's featured content is a weekly series on James Gilmore's Friday afternoon flag ship show where he will interview a variety of notable trans organisations and activists about a variety of trans issues. The series will be broadcasted every Friday at 6.00pm (GMT) and launched last Friday with a discussion led by James Gilmore and Roman Armstrong.

As well as the weekly series, various relevant discussions will be integrated into radio shows such as Benji Hyer and TeenScope.

W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month is in line with W!ZARD Giving's goal to increase awareness, visibility and discussion surround LGBT youth issues and their partnership with Stonewall.

Click here for more details and to donate to Stonewall