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On The Rise: Billie Eilish

28th September 2017 | Pop Stop

On The Rise: Billie Eilish

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When it comes to pop music, a little bit of “attitude” is important – after all, how are we meant to be able to ‘strut our stuff in the club’ (that’s a commonly used phrase, right?) with that bit of teenage angst to go with it?

Well, here’s an artist with plenty of attitude + a ton of incredible song writing + an amazing voice + everything that you need to be an incredible pop star.

Introducing: Billie Eilish

The LA native (who’s middle name is ‘Pirate’ – just for some fun facts) is making serious impressions with her music at the moment, with most of the attention coming from her creative lyrics and incredible, silky voice (that phrase is a bit gross, is it not?).

She’s also 15 years old, so that’s quite cool.

Billie Eilish’s debut single was ‘Ocean Eyes’ which was released on SoundCloud in 2016 and quickly went viral. The song, essentially about getting dumped, includes the lyrics: “I’ve been walking through, A world gone blind, Can’t stop thinking of your diamond mind”.

What has followed is a barrage of love – and, increasingly, a barrage of step ladders with a shot of Billie sitting under a step ladder being used as the artwork for debut EP, ‘don’t smile at me’ (yes, all in lower case).

The EP is truly amazing – with songs such as ‘COPYCAT’ (about someone copying you – containing the lyrics, “You got your…

On The Road with R5

20th September 2017 | Music

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Over the past 5 years, R5 have headlined 7 tours and gone on 2 promotional tours. From an outsider’s perspective, that would imply that they are very experienced with life on the road and the challenges of performing for thousands of adoring fans night after night.

From an insider’s perspective, that implication is totally correct.

We joined Ross, Riker, Rocky, Rydel and Ratliff for two dates of the UK leg of their ‘New Addictions Tour’ to find out exactly what life with the Lynch’s (and a Ratliff) is like.

When R5 released their latest body of work – the ‘New Addictions’ EP in May 2017 – fans were greeted with a different image of the band they had come to love. Suddenly they weren’t just addictive heart throbs – they were addictive heart throbs with an edge. They were cooler, they had a new look and a new sound.

This is the sound that is R5 right now, this is truly who we are” lead singer Ross tells me whilst we’re exploring Bristol on our second day together. The previous night he had told a packed Nottingham crowd, “This collection is a small collection of songs, but it took us a long time to put together. We worked very hard on these.

The live experience has adjusted too – everything from Rocky’s somewhat intense wetting of his hair before walking to the stage, to Ross’s somewhat-80s inspired shirts, Rydel’s wigs. On stage they’re rock gods – they play to the audience in the way you may expect more of a The 1975 gig.

What hasn’t changed is the family side. When exploring backstage before their gig at…

Interview with The New Coast

16th September 2017 | Music

As we’re coming out of the summer, we’re all really trying to grasp onto those summery vibes for one moment longer. And, The New Coast are making it very easy to do just that.

The East London duo – made up of Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater – have been releasing music as The New Coast since 2016, and with each track their movement has been growing bigger and better.

The first single (‘Lost In Your Love’) is close to reaching 500K streams on Spotify at the time of writing.

Most recent release ‘Sleeptalk’ caught our attention for being everything that the band represents – the dreamy, indie-pop beat contrasting against the epic drum in the chorus; it’s as nostalgic as it is current. With this in mind, we had to sit down with the band and chat about where they’re at right now.

James Gilmore interviewed Nick and Chris AKA The New Coast after recording their In The Mix takeover about their coming together, creative process and performing live.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews The New Coast

James GIlmore interviews The New Coast after recording their In The Mix takeover about their coming together, creative process and performing live. (8 minutes)