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Interview with Imogen Heap

15th January 2016 | Music

The music industry is one of the most culturally important industry's in the world - but, as of late, it has been experiencing some major issues.

The rise in piracy of the early 2000's which saw record labels go bust, to a development in streaming platforms (such as Spotify and Apple Music) has changed the industry to the point whereby it is nearly unrecognisable to it's former self. But, at the heart of this, there are key issues.

It's an old industry, with new issues. In the light of all of these dilemmas, artists have been shouting out about the issues that need to be fixed and they have been involved in innovative projects to change the face of the industry.

But none have been shouting louder than Imogen Heap.

Imogen Heap is a Grammy Award winning British Artist who's talents span from songwriting to singing, digital production and more.

She has toured the world with four albums - Megaphone, Speak for Yourself, Details an 2009's Ellipse which earnt her a Grammy and Ivor Novello award.

You may even recognise her hit single 'Hide & Seek' in Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say"!

James Gilmore interviewed Imogen Heap for a special Uncut, Uncensored interview analysing the music inudstry.

Broadcasted worldwide, only on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Imogen Heap

James Gilmore interviews Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap about the challenges the music industry must overcome and her new project, Mycelia.


Interview with Joelle

15th January 2016 | Music

Joelle is a teenager who dreams of being a singer and she knows that being a worldwide superstar singer isn't easy by anybodies standards, but she is trying hard. Oh, also, as a side note: Joelle suffers from alopecia.

Alopecia is the general medical term for hair loss - and there are many types of alopecia, some with worse effects than others. Joelle suffers from alopecia universalis, which is characterized by the complete loss of hair on the scalp and body.

Whilst it may be difficult to tell that Joelle has alopecia when you meet her, that's just a signal as to the amazing support she has around her who work with her to get her desired look. So, every morning, whilst school kids are waking up around the country getting ready for the day ahead, Joelle is up hours before them applying whatever is necessary to make her feel comfortable.

In 2014, following the major success of "Big In LA", Joelle made headlines again after she covered her head in chocolate for Easter to raise awareness for alopecia universalis, which affects 100,000 people in the UK.

James Gilmore wrote an article album Joelle for The Huffington Post, click here to read it.

James Gilmore and Chloe Combi interviewed Joelle on Generation You.

Broadcasted worldwide, only on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Joelle is interviewed on Generation You

James Gilmore and Chloe Combi interview Joelle on Generation You.

Review: Taylor Swift - Blank Space (Live Performance)

14th January 2016 | Music

Taylor Swift's most recent album 1989; was a great success for the country singer turned pop star, with it selling 1.287 million copies in its first week.

After the success of the album, Taylor Swift performed at the Grammy Museum with just her guitar for the small audience. On the 7th of January the video of this intimate acoustic performance of Blank Space was released

The 'swifties' came out in full force with the video reaching over 400,000 views within 24 hours!

Taylor starts the performance by recounting her inspiration for the song and how it was based on the media portrayal of her dating life. She tells of how the media "have had a wonderful fixation on kind of painting me as the psycho serial-dater girl." She goes on to talk about this colourful persona that has been created for her, and how it became such an interesting character, that it inspired her writing and production of the hit song, Blank Space.

In the official video for the song you can see where this character has come into play, as Taylor jokes about "Crying in a marble bathtub surrounded by pearls" which is actually a scene from the music video.

With just her and her guitar on stage however, Taylor shows that she is definitely more than just a "serial dater". Her powerful vocals are undeniable, with the acoustic version of the song sounding so different compared to the original released version.

The emotion within her performance (and in general her stage persona) is, as always, entertaining and interesting to watch. This performance is somewhat similar to her older stuff such as "love story", reminding us that Taylor Swift is more than just a girl famous for her "Long list of ex Lovers."