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Playlist: 5 Electro tracks for this week

30th April 2015 | Music

W!ZARD Radio Station's Face of EDM, TOM. compiles his weekly playlist of 5 electronic music tracks you need to listen to. This week (in no particular order), including Galantis, Kai Wachi and more.

1. NGHTMRE & Slander - Warning (Ghastly Remix)
This track has a bunch of artists on it that are killing the game right now in my opinion. Ghastly has a future/electro house hybrid sound in this remix that just melted my brain.

2. Galantis - Runaway (Party Thieves Heaven Trap Remix)
Part Thieves took "Runaway" by Galantis and gave it a really cool flip. They term the genre 'Heaven Trap' and it does sort of feel like you are floating on a cloud when you listen to this song!

3. Diamond Pistols - Twerk (feat. Anna Yvette) (Aero Chord Remix)
This was one of the first songs that I heard where I said, "I want my productions to sound like that". Aerochord combines sick vocal loops with a monster arpeggio and huge mixdown in this song so check it out!

4. Kai Wachi - Brain Splat
Like most of Kai Wachi's songs, his track is super high energy and has great sound design. Give it just one listen and you will see why it is named "Brain Splat"!

5. Wankelmut & Emma Louis - My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix)
This deep house track is super groovy and has really beautiful vocals. MK did a supurb job of evoking the same emotions in his instrumental as the vocals portray.

What are your favourite EDM tracks from this past week? Tweet us @wizradio to let us know.

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Interview and Performances from Alice Kiernan

29th April 2015 | Music

When it comes to being an upcoming performer it's never been easier to get your name out there. But, in the world of YouTube, it's never been more competitive to catch people's attention. Alice Kiernan is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from County Meath, Ireland with a dream to make it big in the music world - and she's been using YouTube as a platform to get her name out there. Kaleya Baxe interviewed her on April 25th to find out more about her.

Below is a typed up version of the interview - you can listen to the interview by clicking the "Play" button above, where you can also hear two exclusive performances.

Kaleya Baxe: Alice Kiernan, welcome to my show!

Alice Kiernan: Hello, how are you?

Kaleya Baxe: Yes, I’m good thanks. I’m so excited to have you here. Thank you so much for coming on and agreeing to this interview.

Alice Kiernan: Thank you so much for having me.

Kaleya Baxe: How long have you been writing music or performing for?

Alice Kiernan: I’m 19 now and I’ve been doing it since I was around 15/16. There were a few stages where I had to concentrate on school and stuff like that so I had to take a break but right now I’m just really trying to put everything I can into it.

Kaleya Baxe: Is music your main focus now? Is there anything else you’re doing at the moment?

Alice Kiernan: I’m in first year of college at the moment. I’m studying Media which enables me to study radio and television and that does help out a lot. It helps me to interact with people a bit more as well. It’s all a learning experience.


Interview with Conor Maynard

29th April 2015 | Music

Conor Maynard was said to be the "next Justin Bieber" with his debut album, Contrast, going straight to Number 1 on the UK Album Charts after it's release in the Summer of 2012. He's been quiet since then, apart from releasing two further singles in 2013, but now he's back on the scene with a new single ("Talking About") and a new album due this year. James Gilmore got the opportunity to chat with Conor on the phone about his music, Twitter and more.

James Gilmore: It’s my pleasure to be joined by the super talented Conor Maynard. How are you?

Conor Maynard: I’m good, I’m good. How are you?

James Gilmore: I’m good thanks, I’m good. Great to hear that you’re good. Now let’s get straight down to business. New single – “Talking About”, it’s out just in time for summer. It’s been quite a long wait between your last release and this one…

Conor Maynard: I know, I know. For all those fans out there, I’m sorry. Please stop sending me abuse on Twitter it’s making me very upset! But yeah, it’s been a while – I think a year and a half since ‘R U Crazy?’ Even my Mum has texted me and asked “Are you still alive?”

James Gilmore: This track is very different to ‘R U Crazy?’ and it’s very different to some of your other pop songs as well. It’s much more synth-electro vibes. Why did you want to change your sound?

Conor Maynard: I never wanted to be stuck with one thing. When I go into the studio sometimes I feel like doing one thing, sometimes I feel like doing something else and I never wanted to be stuck in one sound. This time around I really…