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Interview with Amber Mark

17th June 2017 | Music

Amber Mark is the name on everyone’s lips right now.

Having uploaded her first track on SoundCloud in February 2016, her world has been turned upside down after getting signed to Virgin EMI Records shortly after, with her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘3:33am’ being released this Summer.

The journey for the NYC-residing star can be traced back to her debut song ‘S P A C E’ which caught the attention of tastemakers such as Zane Lowe before iTunes featured it as their ‘Hot Track’ and she peaked at #35 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart.

Then it was back to the studio to record what would become her stunning debut.

3:33am’ is inspired by the tragic loss of her mother, Mia Mark, in 2013. With that in mind, songs such as ‘Can You Hear Me?’ and her poppiest track ‘Lose My Cool’ are totally heartbreaking.

Myles McCaulskey lets Amber Mark take over his show as they discuss her debut EP, inspirations and much more.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Myles McCaulskey interviews Amber Mark

Myles McCaulskey interviews Amber Mark about her debut EP, inspirations and much more. (22 minutes)

Firefly Festival: Thursday Diary

17th June 2017 | Firefly Festival 2017

Firefly Festival: Thursday Diary

Alex Noize's Thursday Diary

Alex Noize gives you the low down on everything that happened at Firefly Festival's first night. (2 minutes)

Hello hello it’s Alex Noize, checking in from Firefly Festival – end of Night 1.

It’s been absolutely mental so far, it feels like I’ve had a whole weekend!

I got here, tried to catch Anna Lunoe, I missed her, because I got a little bit lost trying to find the stage, which I’m a bit upset about. But, I stumbled across Kaleo who had really good energy for his set actually. I really enjoyed that band – they were really good, their lead singer was really energetic.

I think that’s the theme of the Thursday night really, energetic lead singers.

Kaleo were really good. Then I moved on and went to watch Glass Animals. They were the headliner for Thursday night and they absolutely killed it!

People were camping out to see them for a while and they’re obviously a very popular band out here – I think they’re originally from England. The leader singer, again, was jumping all over the place. People were going crazy!

Then, went from there to see Gryffin. He’s an electronic DJ, plays more of the ‘future bass’ / house music as well. He’s getting the crowd going. I thought he would be a little bit more energetic for that really, since it was the Thursday night people were still a little bit too conservative, but I guess that will change on Friday night and Saturday night as well.

And then, going off that energy, seeing as they were more energetic, I went and saw Glass Animals close out their set. As I said before, I really enjoyed…

Interview with Klangstof

17th June 2017 | Firefly Festival 2017

Interview with Klangstof

Hailing from Amsterdam, Klangstof are an indie-rock band composed of Koen van de Wardt, Wannes Salome, Jun Christian Villanueva and Jobo Engh.

Meaning ‘reverb’ (“Klang”) ‘dust’ (“Stof”), the band released their debut album ‘Close Eyes To Exit’ in 2016.

Alex Noize interviewed the band before they played Firefly Festival on the Friday about how they came together and they play Fill In The Blanks.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Alex Noize interviews Klangstof

Alex Noize interviews Klangstof backstage at Firefly Festival about how they came together and they play Fill In The Blanks. (9 minutes)