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Interview with ESTRONS

22nd December 2015 | Music

Some of the most explosive sounds are coming out of Cardiff right now, and Alt-Rock band ESTRONS are proof of that.

Made up of lead singer Talie (Taliesyn Kallstrom) as well as Hugh Parry, James Keeley and Rhodri Daniel, they describe themselves as a "band of misfits and outcasts that never quite belonged" - but it would seem that they have now found a home in the music industry.

Their latest single, 'Make A Man' was released in early December to a massive reaction, before their debut EP 'Whoever she was...' was released shortly after following a premiere on NME.

The band, who have been compared to the likes of Wolf Alice, have a massive 2016 ahead of them, including a UK tour in January which should cement them as a must-see act on the live music scene.

To find out more, James Gilmore caught up with Rhodri to chat about their anti-stereotype movement, new music and more.

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James Gilmore interviews ESTRONS

James Gilmore interviews Rhodri Daniel from Cardiff-based Alt-Rock band ESTRONS about their anti-stereotype movement, new music and more.

W!ZARD Radio Media launches new sub-brand 'Pop Stop'

11th December 2015 | Music

11 DEC - Today, W!ZARD Radio Station has announced the launch of it’s new sub-brand ‘Pop Stop’, which will be the home for teen pop culture in the UK and in the US.

In what promises to be a major media event as 2015 closes, the sub-brand will start life as a weekly radio show (Fridays, 3pm GMT) and social media entity, and signifies a rebirth in pop culture. Listeners will be able to tune in from Friday 18th December on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Pop Stop brings teens closer to the music they love, and the music they should love, in a way never experienced before. The brand aims to redefine how pop culture is delivered and consumed by audiences by creating new content from the ground-up.

Pop Stop brings teens closer to music they love, in a way that current radio is missing. With a taste for what's trending in Hollywood and on the Internet, and a nod to the past, symbolized by the iconic recording location inside the legendary Capitol tower, the program — airing Fridays at 3PM GMT — brings both the edgy and the familiar to teenagers.


The first episode

The first episode is a holiday special featuring Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, stars of Disney Channel's Liv and Maddie to air December 18th.

The sub-brand is being led by James Gilmore in London alongside a team in Los Angeles. James Gilmore is a teenage radio tastemaker and founder of W!ZARD Radio Station, the UK’s Most Popular Online Teen Radio Station. At just 17 years old he’s created a station that boasts partnerships with the likes of TicketMaster, The Daily Show and many others.

Talking about the launch, James Gilmore said, “The launch of Pop Stop truly shows that the teens have…

Review: Foxtrott - A Taller Us

10th December 2015 | Music

With both Adele and Coldplay declining to share their latest releases on Spotify, music lovers too stingy to buy records are being forced on to the road less travelled. This is no bad thing; it meant that instead of the latest Chris Martin anthem, I was treated to the infinitely more stylish electronic outfit Foxtrott, who recently released their debut album ‘A Taller Us‘.

Foxtrott consists solely of Montreal singer-songwriter Marie-Helene Delorme, who cites her influences as hip-hop, reggae and early dancehall. For anyone wondering what on earth this would sound like, the answer is more Portishead than CHVRCHES.

Delorme can write a pop melody, Shields and Shaky Hands can attest to that, yet she is much less enamoured with sing-a-long choruses than Years and Years. Her preferred mode of song-writing is sparse, minimalistic electronica, opting for an almost jerky, rhythmic quality, rather than the ‘wall of sound’ approach many EDM bands take.

Opener Driven sets the tone nicely, balancing the satisfying thump of the bass with delicate synth ornamentation. Atmosphere here is just as, if not more, important than melody. If you’re not won over within the first few minutes then the record might not be for you, the following ten tracks are largely similar.

The rest of the album, however, does showcase Delorme’s talents nicely. The brilliant Mountains Rose High holds back its ‘chorus’ until the very end, treating us on the way to rhythmically complex hand-clapping and playful synths. Colors is also brilliant, its silky earworm chorus is only rivalled by an intensely dramatic ending.

Throughout, Delorme’s voice is captivating and versatile: impassioned and elastic on the melodramatic thump of Shaky Hands; breathy with understated emotion in Patience. On many electronic albums either the vocals take a back seat to the…