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Review: My Love Is Cool - Wolf Alice

6th July 2015 | Music

Is your love cool?

Wolf Alice is, according to the title of their impressive debut album, which cruelly forfeited Number 1 last week to the hype surrounding Florence’s tremendous Glastonbury performance.

They take their name from a short story by Angela Carter, which symbolically explores a young girl’s experience of puberty. A fitting name, as ‘My Love Is Cool’ explores the highs and lows of adolescence, with both nostalgic fuzziness and unsettling menace.

Stand out track ‘Bros’ is an instant classic, a tribute to childhood friends that sounds like The XX if they suddenly developed a penchant for radio friendly indie-pop. The refrain of ‘there’s no one quite like you’ and a melodic guitar riff are enough to make even the most hard-hearted smile.

Lead single ‘Giant Peach’ is sometimes rather brilliant too. The band swaps woozy acoustic pop for defiant and energetic Indie rock, with some tremendously immersive instrumental sections.

Front-woman Ellie Rowsell commented in The Guardian that ‘I'm always a fan of bands who never write the same song twice’. This is evident from Wolf Alice’s restless generic interests, which proves both a blessing and a curse on their debut.

On the plus side, each new song is a surprise. Fans of heavier rock will be satisfied with ‘You’re a Germ’; there’s some atmospheric synth pop in the form of ‘Soapy Water’; and to round things off, there’s a pretty acoustic track about death called ‘The Wonderwhy’.

Whatever your tastes, Wolf Alice are prepared to write a song to suit them!

Rowsell’s voice is surprisingly versatile. She moves from angelic choir girl in opener ‘Turn to Dust’, through to Hayley Williams inspired shouting on ‘You’re a Germ’ via Xx moodiness, then on to something akin to the distinctive…

Dedication Song: No Light, No Light

28th June 2015 | Music

Each week on Therapy with Thomas Mills, Thomas chooses a song which means something and can teach us a lesson. He calls it his 'Dedication Song'.

This week, that song was No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine.

This song is a heartbreak tale told from two sides. It accepts the fact that most break-ups happen because of issues facing both sides of the relationship, but it also touches on the stages of grief, anger and denial. But, the saddest part of the song is the truth – that when a relationship is over, it’s potentially over forever. ‘No Light, No Light’ by Florence + The Machine is a rollercoaster of a song, which perfectly represents the rollercoaster of emotions which takes place during a break-up.

Listen to the track below and tweet us @wizradio with your thoughts!

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Review: You Should Be Here - Kehlani

25th June 2015 | Music

Relationships: a recurring and commonplace topic in the realm of R&B. From the Beyonce’s to the Mary J Blige’s, this topic is forever re-occurring and definitely isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, Kehlani (Oakland’s newest addition to the female R&B arena) takes this very topic, deconstructs it and makes it relevant to the teenage music lovers of today. Her newest EP “You Should Be Here” leaves you rooting for Kehlani and feeling a sense of empowerment whilst listening to her recollections and tribulations with boys and past situations.

“Jealous” strips things back in terms of Kehlani’s vocal abilities and focuses on the popular app Instagram. Kehlani uses her lower register to depict the struggle of guys in the past focusing on having multiple women in the picture (no pun intended) and how they attract such attention on Instagram to keep up this charade. The Oakland vocalist embeds her rise to fame in this topic as she reveals to her fans the opportunists of her love interests of the past. “I’m quick to cut it off if you don’t believe I’ll do it. You stay taking pictures, pictures”, Kehlani warns as the song nears it’s close.

A distraction from all the lessons embedded in this EP comes in the form of “The Way”.

Beautifully executed, Kehlani and special guest Chance The Rapper reveal, quite explicitly their addiction for their lovers. “All I do is stay up all night losing sleep over you”, Kehlani envisions a past time most people are very familiar with as she yearns for time with her special one. The singer leaps and dives into the funk/mellow inspired beat creating an almost fairy tale with a cool and fresh edge. Chance The Rapper buffers the track with his flirtatious and racy verse adding a…