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Interview with HEREN

28th July 2017 | Music

Hailing from Barcelona, HEREN has been making music for as long as he can remember.

Having released over 40 songs on prestigious labels including Ultra Music, Sony Music, Afterclvb Records and more, it was obvious that it was time to bring him onto The W!ZARD Sessions.

But, before his appearance, James Gilmore sat down with him to talk music, new projects and more.

JG: You’ve had a storied career in music; you’re from Barcelona, Spain. How has growing up in Spain influenced your music?

H: Barcelona is a good city because lots of people want to come here to live because the weather is amazing – it’s not cold and it’s not hot. Also you have several DJs who go on European tours and often tour in Barcelona, so you can see them and talk to them. Also, Ibiza isn’t too far away!

JG: You’ve teased that you have more music coming, but your latest single is called ‘One Life’ which has done really well. How did that track come about?

H: It was a song for a commercial, for Desigual, and after that we re-released it as a single. I love the single because every time I make a track I try to give the people a positive message – all of my songs have a positive message. It’s important to make music with positivity, because there’s so much ‘bad’ in the world today.

JG: You’ve released your music on a variety of different labels including Afterclvb, Ultra and also independently. How does the label change the experience for you?

H: I like to work with different labels frequently. I have my own, young label and the first track has actually come out today, from my side…


21st July 2017 | Pop Stop


Pop Stop is W!ZARD Radio Media’s pop brand. We track thousands of emerging pop artists and use data to track their future growth. Then we play their music on-air (Fridays, 3pm BST) and write about them right here to introduce you to your next favourite artist.

In 2017, the direction of pop music often seems to start with the letter ‘R’ and end with the letter ‘B’ (if you didn’t get that, we were referring to R&B). The direction of massive pop producers such as Calvin Harris says a lot about where music is coming.

Introducing: PRETTYMUCH

Imagine if One Direction were made in 2017 – 5 boys, all kind of good looking, none of them play instruments… that is who PRETTYMUCH are.

Oh, and it helps that they’re signed to the same label as Harry and the Gang (*epic fan tension*) were – Simon Cowell’s Syco Music.

The American group are Simon’s latest project to help fill that gap in his heart which is used to being filled by the sounds of Harry’s high notes and Niall’s tender Irish accent. The only difference being that, as much as you loved One Direction (and trust us – WE LOVED THEM), PRETTYMUCH are pretty much cooler.

The band made up of Brandon Arreaga, Nick Mara, Zion Kuwonu, Austin Porter and Edwin Honoret have released their debut single ‘Would You Mind’ today (with a notable exception of the obligatory question mark after what is obviously a question).

The track reminds us of N*SYNC (well, we weren’t alive when they were popular, but still a bit of a Throwback Thursday) and is a love song about whether a girl would mind if they, you guessed it, made out.

At least there’s…

Myles McCaulskey's Top 5: Wednesday 19th July

18th July 2017 | Music

Every week, Myles McCaulskey picks his Top 5 favourite hip-hop tracks that he's been listening to over the past week. We reveal the list right here, every Wednesday.

1. Dave - Tequila

Dave is putting out banger after banger at the moment. This is another example of that – all starting from a freestyle Dave did in LA, he has transformed it into a song!

2. Chance The Rapper - Big B's (feat. Young Thug)

Chance’s attempt at saving SoundCloud yeah? Game on. Let’s see what he can do – this one is a banger though!

3. 21 Savage - Bank Account

From Savage’s new album Issa. Not the biggest fan of 21 Savage, but this one gets me gassed.

4. One Acen - Beneath (feat. Gene Carmello)

This one is an underrated throwback you know! One Acen is a growing name in the music scene and Beneath is an example of what he can do. Vibes 100%.

5. Quavo - 200,000 (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Coming off the surprise Quavo “ATL” Tape which dropped a couple weeks ago, I finally got round to listening to it. The hook it catch and this is definitely break out song on the album.

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