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Alec Feldman's 60 Second Guide: Camila Cabello

15th October 2017 | Music

Alec Feldman isn’t any ordinary presenter – he likes to really get behind the artists he plays, and each week, he spends hours researching one of them, so that you don’t have to, and handily condenses it into a 60 second* guide.

Accuracy is of the utmost importance to Alec, so he makes sure that everything he tells you is completely, 100% factually accurate**.

This week, he’s looked into pop star Camila Cabello and you can hear his 60 Second Guide below.

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*may be longer than 60 seconds
**may be entirely made up

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Alec Feldman's 60 Second Guide: Camila Cabello

Alec Feldman gives you a 60 Second Guide to pop star Camila Cabello... some of which may be partly true. (2 minutes)

Interview with Nina Nesbitt

14th October 2017 | Music

Nina Nesbitt has had a, somewhat, storied music career in the UK.

First coming to public attention in 2013 with her single ‘Stay Out’ (charting at #21 on the UK Top 40), the Scottish singer-songwriter was quickly branded as the “female Ed Sheeran” (whatever that means) and was thrown into the spotlight.

But, in that very moment, something wasn’t quite right.

She had the music, she was playing with her comforter (the guitar) and she was getting recognised. But, as Nesbitt says herself, she was still growing up – she wasn’t being her true self.

2013’s ‘Peroxide’ was released (charting at #11 on the UK Charts) and spawned singles such as ‘Selfies’, and then after a couple of years of touring, ‘Chewing Gum’ was released. And then it was silence.

In the silence came discovery, as Nina Nesbitt tried to find her place in this hugely complicated world which is music. Now, in 2017, she’s returned with a new team, a new set of songs and a better understanding of what it means to be Nina Nesbitt.

Returning with ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ followed by latest single ‘The Best You Had’ – she’s more electric than ever, and more serious than ever about making her stamp on music history.

James Gilmore interviewed Nina Nesbitt about her new music, previous success and what fans can expect from her upcoming album.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Nina Nesbitt

James Gilmore interviews Nina Nesbitt about her new music, previous success and what fans can expect from her upcoming album. (10 minutes)

On The Rise: Tayá

13th October 2017 | Pop Stop

On The Rise: Tayá

Pop Stop is W!ZARD Radio Media’s pop brand. We track thousands of emerging pop artists and use data to track their future growth. Then we play their music on-air (Fridays, 3pm BST) and write about them right here to introduce you to your next favourite artist.

Flashback: It’s the 1960s, you’re a smartly dressed gentleman walking into a jazz lounge. Whilst puffing on your cigar, you make your way to the bar and ask for “one on the rocks” in a husky voice. Suddenly a voice appears from the stage. It’s cool and calm – a bit poppier than the jazz you were expecting – but still this is something you can “get down with”*.

Introducing: Tayá

*(For historical purposes, we’re not sure that the phrase “get down with” was used in the 1960s).

Why did we start this week’s On The Rise with that flashback? Because Tayá oozes the same levels of cool that you probably thought you had if you were that man in the 1960s. Only, now we’re in 2017, we know that Tayá is much cooler (and less greasy).

The Liverpool-based artist produces music which is categorically R&B – but her catchy hooks have the potential for a big pop cross-over. She first caught our attention with ‘Deeper’ in 2016 (her fifth single) – a track which merged electronic, drum and bass beats with her smooth voice.

But it’s 2017’s ‘When Ur Sober (feat. Yxng Bane)’ which really solder her.

The song, which combines jazz and R&B influences to form a pretty great pop track, is about how a man refuses to say those all important words when he’s sober, leading the girlfriend to start losing her patience.

By “those all important words” we’re…