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Firefly Festival 2018 | Sunday Diary

18th June 2018 | Music

“Stay Cool” was the buzzword in Delaware on Sunday; with temperatures soaring well above 25 degrees Celcius and not a cloud in the sky. With people searching for the shadiest areas near a stage to chill and relax, Sunday's edition of Firefly Festival was definitely more subdued than most.

With this in mind, I had high hopes that Kamasi Washington would provide the soundtrack to ease people back into a day of live music, and he did not disappoint. His live band, complete with 70’s funkadelic style keys, a cello and a saxophone (his signature instrument) had us all grooving – and even though he may have performed songs not known by the crowd, his set was definitely up there when ranking crowd engagement.

As his set came to end, crowds started rushing towards the Pavilion where Party Favour's set was starting.

The energy of his set was magnetizing, effortlessly navigating between Hip Hop, House and Bass Driven music. He had the pavilion packed out to a point where it was extremely hard to move around. People were raging either side of me, with every well-known hip hop song being mixed into a heavy drop that had the crowd literally roaring.

Having experienced both ends of the spectrum: beautiful live music and raging party bangers, it was time to see MGMT (another heavily anticipated act) from the safety of the VIP area; a fresh break after being around so many people in the pavilion.

Hats off to the festival organisers, they put MGMT on at the perfect time with the sun setting over the Main Stage. Their psychedelic sound went hand in hand with the sun set backdrop (although I felt bad for the fact that the sun was shining directly into their…

Firefly Festival 2018 | Friday Diary

16th June 2018 | Music

It feels so good to be back at Firefly Festival - to check out all of last year's antics, click here.

Firefly's speciality is being able to mix bands that you should know with bands and artists that you already live; Friday's line-up is evidence of that, with headliners Foster The People, Logic and Arctic Monkeys, whilst the day starting with a band from Washington DC called Southern Avenue who really brought an amazing energy. A fusion of funk, blues and R&B. Their lead singer brought an extreme level of charisma for an afternoon set which was truly impressive; I have a feeling the band will be one to watch in the future.

One phone charging break later, we were off to see Marian Hill. We had heard a lot about them beforehand with comparisons to AlunaGeorge. That comparison alone is large boots to fill but they definitely came close; it was impossible to have a conversation with someone without bobbing my head to their funky beats in the background.

Then it was a trip to see Lizzo on the Lawn Stage. From a mile away you could hear her perfectly trained booming voice carrying amongst the crowd. Her set definitely felt like a party atmosphere, she was almost commanding the crowd with her every word, making them dance, twerk, perform the electric shuffle, and remind them that "No Scrubs Were Allowed at Firefly".

Having hung out with The Knocks the week before, their set was a must-see, and then it was on to my first act at the Main Stage: Foster The People. I didn't realise how many songs of theirs I had known!

Then came my biggest anticipated act of the night: Logic. He started his set…

Interview with Four of Diamonds

16th June 2018 | Music

Introducing the girl group we're all about to get obsessed with.

Sophia, Caroline, Lauren, Yasmin are Four of Diamonds and, if you're in the UK (or anywhere, really, as we're increasingly learning), you may know who they are. We say that because, despite having only released their debut single on June 14th, when researching for our interview we discovered that they had many fans already, all over the world.

Things to know about Four of Diamonds:

• They're not like any other girl group (especially not that one), and they're not trying to be.
• They describe their look as a bit "rough around the edges" (which makes our look "essentially given up")
• After listening to their debut single 'Name On It (feat. Burna Boy)' you'll realise it has "high repeat value" (whatever that means***)
• They told us it's about somebody not wanting to commit to a relationship, but we reckon it's actually about those times when you're visiting somewhere and you need to put a name badge/label on and it's just HORRIBLE.
• They also went on The X Factor for a bit and it didn't quite work out - but if you get caught up on that, WHO EVEN ARE YOU?!

***A song that you want to repeat over and over and over again.

James Gilmore caught up with Four of Diamonds to chat releasing their debut single AND he has some special messages for them from some of their fans...

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Four of Diamonds

James Gilmore interviews Four of Diamonds to chat releasing their debut single and he has some special messages for them from some fans. (10 minutes)