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Myles McCaulskey's Top 5: Wednesday 7th June

7th June 2017 | Music

Every week, Myles McCaulskey picks his Top 5 favourite hip-hop tracks that he's been listening to over the past week. We reveal the list right here, every Wednesday.

1. Meek Mill – Whatever You Need (feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign)

Wow. Meek Mill is on to another one (DJ Khaled Voice) here! Chris Brown & Ty Dollar $ign mixed with Meek Mill’s calm wave is too good! To be honest I’m looking forward to the new album Wins & Losses which drops soon!

2. Hudson East – Fuego

Trap energies with man like Hudson East! Watch out for this guy, he’s on to big things very soon! His new project reminds me of UK Bryson Tiller!

3. Scrufizzer – Chill Out

Scrufizzer just like Meek Mill is an interesting one. When Scrufizzer mixes it up on a calm vibe and makes tracks like this it highlights his versatility. Cool video too.

4. Isaiah Dreads – Hot Spice (feat. One Acen)
Isaiah Dreads puts in that work and he’s back for 2017 with this one. Young guy, super talented, big future.

5. MoStack – Screw & Brew (feat. Mist)
Mo’s new mixtape is doing bits right now and this one with now frequent collaborator Mist is another banger for the headphones.

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Interview with Late Night Episode

4th June 2017 | Music

Hailing from New York, Late Night Episode are the next band you can’t afford to ignore.

They first came on our radar almost 12 months ago, when their Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque track ‘Swim’ was released and from that moment, we were hooked.

Shortly following ‘Swim’ came the demo of a track called ‘Lost In Cali’ (just pointing out how ‘New York’ they actually are) and then: silence. Adoring fans (us included) saw no updates, no new images – you could mistake it as being a break-up. But, what we didn’t know was that the band were spending the year hidden in a studio writing tons of new music.

Talk About Love’ is the alt-rock turn pop track that marks their return. A more developed and poppier track than ‘Swim’, the track shows just how far they have come in the past year.

James Gilmore caught up with the band (Daniel Lonner, Eric Sherman, Brett Daniel and Gio Stockton-Rossini) about their time away, and the comeback single.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Late Night Episode

James Gilmore interviews Late Night Episode about their time away and new single 'Talk About Love'. (9 minutes)

Interview with Afro B

3rd June 2017 | Music

Born and raised in South London, Afro B is quickly developing a name for himself as one of the most respected vocalists in the scene.

Having collaborated with the likes of Sona, Sneakbo and Yxng Bane on hit tracks ‘Story’, ‘Stay Winning’ and ‘Juice and Power’ and on his recent mixtape AfroWave, AfroB is doing his best to stand out from his contemporaries – who include the likes of J HUS.

The AfroWave mixtape showed off the genre made by Afro B, which he describes as a ‘fusion of hip-hop, dancehall and Afrobeat melodies’.

The eight track mini-album sees the 23 year old lay his own path and show just how versatile he is’ plucking elements from a range of genres, then uniting them into the ‘AfroWave’ vibe that remains unmistakably his own.

And all of this is on top of his previous work, including his collaborations with Tion Wayne which have garnered over 3M views on YouTube.

Myles McCaulskey caught up with Afro B for an interview and to takeover his radio show.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Myles McCaulskey interviews Afro B

Myles McCaulskey interviews AfroWave hit maker Afro B about his success and the AfroWave mixtape and lets him takeover his radio show... (20 minutes)