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ReverbNation Discover | How important is styling to your music career?

14th November 2018 | Music

ReverbNation Discover is the only place to discover fresh new artists, as well as to gain music industry insight and expertise on how to fulfil your music career ambitions – with help from ReverbNation’s platform for new artists and it’s expert insight into all different aspects of the music industry.

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On ReverbNation Discover we try to tackle a variety of elements that play into having a music career - and one of the crucially important elements is styling. This includes what you wear, your photography, logo and colour palette and it all plays into how you are positioned as an artist.

An artist's styling can become a trademark of their career. For example, Lady Gaga's period of wearing crazy outfits helped to make her a household name and an international pop star. But, many artists don't always appreciate the value of 'good' styling, or when is the right time to invest in your style.

On the latest "Questions & Answers" segment on ReverbNation Discover, we answered the listener-submitted question: How important is styling to your music career?

Listen to James Gilmore replying to the listener’s question and gain that crucial insight to push your music career ambitions in the clip below.

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How important is styling to your music career?

James Gilmore replies to a listener questions - this week, he offers insight into the importance of investing in your styling. (5 minutes)

Interview with Big Zuu

13th November 2018 | Music

A man whose stock continues to rise. Ladies and Gentlemen introducing Ladbroke Grove’s Big Zuu.

From Grime Scene set’s, where Zuu’s bars would get numerous reloads, to becoming a well- respected radio host, it’s safe to say that Big Zuu is a very versatile character in the media.

Last month Zuu dropped his new project 'Content with Content' which features the hit single 'Fall Off' featuring BBK’s JME. A punchy project with a perfect blend of bars, which keep it true to Zuu, to bars that will continue to keep the fans raving, 'Content with Content' is definitely a project worth paying attention too.

Myles McCaulskey sat down with Big Zuu to talk about his new project, managing his radio and music career and other interesting topics along the way...

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Interview with Big Zuu

Myles McCaulskey sits down with Big Zuu to talk about his new project Content With Content, managing his radio and music career and more. (17 minutes)

Interview with Devin Dawson

13th November 2018 | Music

Most country artists don’t start their music careers "slum touring" the United States in a metal band, only post black and white photos or get shouted out on Twitter by Taylor Swift when you’re still at University. But Devin Dawson isn't your typical country artist. You could almost say he’s a 'Dark Horse'...

After years touring with his brother and their metal band, Devin moved from his home in Orangevale, California to Music City (AKA Nashville) to attend Nashville’s Belmont University. It was during his time as a student that he and his friend, Louisa Wendorff, released a mashup cover of Taylor Swift’s songs 'Blank Space' and 'Style', and, if you think you’ve seen it, it’s because you probably have. Taylor Swift herself tweeted the video with one simple word – “OBSESSED.” And so were the 36 million people who’ve viewed the video.

Since then, Devin has made a name for himself in Nashville not just as a singer but as a very talented songwriter. As well as all of his own releases, he’s written songs for people like Tyler Rich, Brett Kissel, and Mitchell Tenpenny. He signed with Warner Music Nashville in 2017 and released his debut single 'All On Me' which reached the Hot Country Songs chart and Country Airplay charts.

His album 'Dark Horse' came out in January 2018 and, as well as 'All On Me', features hits including 'Asking for a Friend', 'Placebo', 'I Can’t Trust Myself' - which he wrote with Jillian Jacqueline - and title track 'Dark Horse'. Devin’s been on tour with people like Brett Eldredge, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and is currently on the road on his headlining tour, the Stray Off Course Tour.

Madeleine Molly talked with Devin Dawson for her country radio show…