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New Music We Love: If God is a woman it's Ariana and Benny Blanco is on repeat!

13th July 2018 | Music

With every single that Ariana Grande has released in the lead-up to ‘Sweetener’ she becomes a little bit more of the pop legend that she was born to be – latest release ‘God Is A Woman’ brings her to a next level of super pop diva.

Featured Song: Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman

2018 is ‘Sweetener’s year and we’re just living in it. With each single that Ariana has dropped from the single our world has been turned upside down as we’ve been discovering both a new side of her and given yet another reason why she’ll be selling out stadium’s in no time.

God Is A Woman’ is closer to the sexually-liberating, R&B inspired sounds of the ‘Dangerous Woman’ album – but just on another level. The vocal riffs at the end also highlight how special this artist is. If God is a woman, she could very well be Ariana.

Other Good Ones

Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid – Eastside: Paired with Ariana’s latest single as our favourite track of the week, super-producer Blanco premiere’s his artist project with this incredible collab. Halsey and Khalid sound amazing next to each other, and the beat is infectious. We can’t help but play this song on repeat over and over and over again! It lives up to the expectation of a song produced by Blanco and co-written with Ed Sheeran and we can’t wait to hear more!

Alessia Cara – A Little More: Hearing AC sing the words ‘emotions galore’ makes us happy for reasons we don’t even know. This song isn’t so much a single, but it is incredibly cute, don’t you think?! Beyond that though, it just highlights how special Alessia is as an artist.

Twenty One Pilots…


9th July 2018 | Music

W!ZARD Radio Media is excited to announce the SOUND FORGE Conversations, in partnership with the new SOUND FORGE Pro 12.

Hosted by W!ZARD Radio Station’s Myles McCaulskey, the series sees Myles sit down with a roster of world-class producers from around the world, all of which have worked on Grammy-nominated (and some Grammy winning) productions, about their creative process, inspirations and aspirations.

SOUND FORGE Pro 12 is the new industry standard for audio mastering. The biggest update to SOUND FORGE Pro since the software made it’s first appearance 25 years ago, with the new SOUND FORGE Pro 12 the ground-breaking audio editing and mastering program has returned with more features, more processing power and more audio tools.

The SOUND FORGE Conversations is a four-part series with the first two interviews being released on the 13th July 2018 and the second two interviews being released on the 27th July 2018.

All of the guests will be announced closer to the time, and all episodes will be available on the official W!ZARD Radio Media website ( as well as all good podcasting websites.

Explore and learn the stories of some of the greatest producers in the world and how SOUND FORGE Pro 12 has helped them make some of their most notable work to date.

For more details about SOUND FORGE Pro 12 visit:

SOUND FORGE Conversations is produced exclusively by W!ZARD Studios/W!ZARD Radio Media in conjunction with MAGIX Software.

Interview with Yungblud

7th July 2018 | Music

Yungblud may just be about to become one of the most important young voices on this planet.

That's a big statement to say, but we're being serious. It doesn't even take a 2 minute conversation with the artist to realise that his brand of "speaking truth to those willing to ignore it" could have world-changing consequences. Luckily, we were able to spend 20 minutes with him.

When we phoned Yungblud - also known as nearly-20 year old Dominic Harrison - he had just landed in L.A. returning from a trip in the UK. Despite the fact he was born in Doncaster, England he now spends much of his time travelling around the world, spreading his music and the messages so deeply integrated within it. In fact, if you look at his calendar, there's hardly a continent that he isn't visiting over the next 12 months.

He tells us that he grew up misunderstood. Having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, he got in a lot of trouble at school for the things that ultimately make him the stand-out artist that he is today. For one, his abundance of energy, although it may be "disruptive" in a classroom, makes him a hugely exciting live act; for second, his insistence on always saying what is on his mind is the trait enabling him to speak authentically to a whole generation - although, you can see why when this leads to telling the head teacher to "F off"... it can cause some trouble!

So, at the age of 16 Yungblud left school and moved to London to pursue a career in music - a path which resulted in him getting signed to Geffen Records in L.A., where he spends much of his time now, making…