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Alec Feldman’s Party Dot Com: Foreign Policy

12th April 2018 | Advice / Opinion

Alec Feldman’s Party Dot Com: Foreign Policy

It’s a tough time to be young at the moment.

We’re the generation who are more stressed than ever before, with more debt than ever before, and with less chance of being able to afford nice things than ever before. And that’s before you even mention Brexit.

But Alec Feldman didn’t want it to be this way. He thought that there must be an alternative. We can either work together with all groups in society to create the future we all want – or we can turn on the old people who made this mess in the first place. No prizes for guessing which he picked.

Alec decided he wanted to found a new political party – but unlike the dozens of “centrist” parties that have been founded on Twitter and promptly fizzled out, Alec’s new party is something different – it’s run by the young, for the young. It’s also a very democratic movement – all aspects of the party, from its name to its policies, are decided by its members – all of the W!ZARD Radio Station listeners.

Its name – DoubleU DoubleU DoubleU Dot Party Dot Com (we don’t own the website yet) was made up by listener Mike, it’s logo was created from ideas by listeners Kayleigh, Daniel and Marie; and this week, Alec wanted suggestions for foreign policies – basically, he wanted to know which countries we should like, and which ones we shouldn’t’.

Needless to say, the outcome wasn’t quite what he was expecting – find out why by pressing play below.

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10 Minutes More (with Kup & Gurr) | Facebook

7th April 2018 | Advice / Opinion

10 Minutes More (with Kup & Gurr) | Facebook

Following the recent allegations about Facebook's misuse of data - particularly with the Cambridge Analytica scandal rocking the social network and resulting in founder Mark Zuckerberg taking an 'apology tour' around the media - there has been increased discussion about users deleting the social network all together.

Most users get Facebook when they are 10 years old, although officially the minimum age that a user can have an account on the platform is 13 years old. For some users, particularly young adults, the platform holds memories and data about their entire teenage-hood.

However, some users are suggesting the Facebook's obvious misuse of data is starting to tip them over the edge, with some going as far as deleting their accounts on the service. However, other users are less surprised about the revelations.

In the latest episode of 10 Minutes More (with Kup & Gurr), George Kup and Callum Gurr invite you to share your opinion on whether you will be deleting your Facebook account, following the live vote on TeenScope.

Listen to the full podcast below.

10 Minutes More with Kup & Gurr

George Kup and Callum Gurr invite you to share your opinion on whether you will be deleting your Facebook account, following the live vote on TeenScope. (12 minutes)

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Meagan's Still Figuring It All Out: Fan Girls

29th March 2018 | Advice / Opinion

Meagan's Still Figuring It All Out: Fan Girls

Being a fan girl is absolutely okay.

I can say I’ve been in the fan girl phase (what phase?!) for far too long but am I really ever going to leave it? Probably not.

As an avid fan of the Jonas Brothers, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and McFly, I don’t know what it’s like to not like a boy band or you know... a band made of guys (5SOS and McFly don’t like to be called a boy band).

They say that at a certain age you should just stop caring for them but why? We grow with them. I’m the same age as 3/5 of these bands (whilst the other two are actually older) yet we get told at one point to just get over it. Not gonna happen with me folks! I love my bands, and you should continue to love yours!

Supporting them is much more than just being a fan girl. You support their music, go to their shows, buy merch if you’d like but you don’t necessarily post about them 24/7 but you’re still a fan. “Fan girl” is just a term we come up with and people make it so deep like you’re some crazed obsessed fan and make fun of you for it. What’s the difference between us loving our bands and grown men cheering on football players? Absolutely nothing in my opinion.

No matter your age, keep doing you! Love your bands, get excited about their music! Go see them in concert! It’s worth it if it makes YOU happy!

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