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Roman Armstrong's Dictionary

22nd January 2017 | Advice / Opinion

Roman Armstrong's Dictionary

We’ve all heard of the Oxford English Dictionary, but this looks amateur when compared to Roman Armstrong’s Dictionary: the go-to place for all nonsensical words that previously never existed or are so archaic that they need new definitions.

That’s where you guys come in!

Every week, Roman Armstrong will nominate a random word of his choosing and ask for your suggestions as to what the definition could be.

We’re looking for the funniest, zaniest, believable and most out of this world definitions for the word that week and, once we’ve got our top three, they’ll be battling it out for your votes. Whichever is the most popular shall win and the word along with its new and improved definition shall go to the dictionary that everybody is talking about, Roman Armstrong’s Dictionary.

So what are you waiting for? Do you think you can contribute towards this ever-growing amalgamation of words?

Past Words and Definitions

Pogonophile - Someone who loves pognolia (the latin word for shaving foam)

Jarkling - The scientific term for the noise made by a human when they try to talk with water in their mouth

Shivoo - Usually said as 'shivood' - when you swing all the way around the frame on a swing set

Kanone - The ancient ritual of cutting off a little boy's tail when he is ready to become a man

Choily - When your hair gets so greasy it starts to clump together

Absquatulate - To leave abruptly

Thrawling - To wrap yourself up so warm, that you eventually die from overheating

Bindlestiff - The real theory that witches still fly on their brooms on a full moon


Interview with Insp. Jack Rowlands

2nd July 2016 | Advice / Opinion

Interview with Insp. Jack Rowlands

The road of crime can be long and dangerous – and much of the time, it’s difficult to improve on your situation.

When young offenders reach the age of 18, all of the Metropolitan Police’s “young offenders” programmes and relevant rehabilitation programmes are no longer accessible to them – instead they are offered adult programmes which may not be suitable to their situation.

It is believed that, as a result of this, currently, 30% of young offenders in England and Wales reoffend.

At Brixton Police Station, they are trying to change this.

Divert is a programme run by Insp. Jack Rowlands and is designed to help young people find training, work and work experience after they’ve been arrested and divert them from a dangerous path which too many have walked before.

Read this BBC News article with a clip about Divert.

James Gilmore interviewed Insp. Jack Rowlands about the programme and how the criminal justice system treats young offenders.

Broadcasted worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore interviews Insp. Jack Rowlands

James Gilmore interviews Insp. Jack Rowlands from the Metropolitan Police about the Divert programme and  how the criminal justice system treats young offenders.

James Gilmore says: Fight Hate With Love

25th June 2016 | Advice / Opinion

James Gilmore says: Fight Hate With Love

It’s a pretty hectic time to be living on planet earth right now.

With the rise in popularity of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Elections, the Brexit, an increased anti-immigrant feeling, the rise of ISIS and the rise of the far-right across Europe – it’s a scary place and a scary time.

But, the best thing that anybody can do right now is to promote positivity.

Most of us aren’t able to influence the news, or world affairs. We can’t negotiate with world leaders or decide the outcome of elections (although most of us would like to think that we could). We aren’t zoologists who are experts on gorillas in zoos or marketers who can interpret economic trends. We aren’t political leaders who can negotiate treaties and deals either. But, in a way, that’s a good thing.

What the world needs more of are ordinary, every day people promoting positivity. That’s the only way that you can be sure that the hate doesn’t win – don’t let it consume you.

If you start to hate, then they have won. Fight hate with love.

Listen to this clip from my show on Friday 24th June 2016, following the result of the EU Referendum, talking about how we can’t let hate win.

Broadcasted worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

James Gilmore talks about rejecting the hate

James Gilmore ends his show following the EU Referendum result promoting a message of peace.