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Festival Must Have’s & Hints and Tips

Elena Lockett reveals what's getting her through festival season...

Festival Must Have’s & Hints and Tips

Elena Lockett's Festival Must Have’s & Hints and Tips

Elena Lockett

W!ZARD News Author

Festival season is upon us and planning your outfit is a major part of the festival experience (or it is to me anyway!) If you’ve never been to a festival before or just fancy a reminder of what you actually need to bring to the hottest events of the summer, check out my must have’s & hints and tips:

What's hot this year?

The crochet top
We never thought crotchet would be anything more than the material your grandma had dotted around her house but now every high street store hosts a variety of crop tops, dresses and jumpers in the stuff! Perfect for teaming with denim, this 70’s style look will keep you cool under the sun if it comes out and keep you looking hip.

Fringed bag
'Fringed' is in with a vengeance this year and a perfect way of adding a little hint of fringe fun without over doing it is by wearing an over the shoulder fringed bag, just big enough for all your festival needs!

Suede shorts
You could be like everyone else and wear a suede jacket but who wants to do that, take inspiration from many celebs at Coachella this year and buy a pair of suede shorts, perfect with a stripy tee or go full hippy with lace and crotchet.

Floral crown/headband
The clichéd festival accessory, a floral crown will get you well into the festival vibe OR spice things up a bit with a vintage scarf wrapped around your head hairband style.

Hints and tips

Get layered
Ensure you have something to wrap around your waist/shoulders, which you can throw on later in the evening, or take a big enough bag that you can put an extra jumper in for when the sun goes down.

Pack a mac
An obvious point, but one you will appreciate even if it doesn’t rain, a mac is great for something to sit on without getting mud and grass all over your shorts.

Sunglasses chain
It might seem like a good idea to put your glasses on your head when you’re moshing until you leave the stage and realise your perfect pair of sunnies are gone forever. A glasses chain will prevent such loss.

Bumbag life
Practical is the name of the game with festivals and you may feel like a bit of idiot at the start but to be honest, looking like an idiot is part of the festival experience. Also prevents those likely pick pockets.

Wear some sturdy footwear
Festivals involve a lot more movement than you might think and if you don’t want your toe broken, invest in wearing wellies or even an old pair of converse or trainers you are not particularly attached too.

Tights are good
Although festivals in England seem to make us think the weather will suddenly be lovely, that is not usually the case and even if you can’t bear to wear tights in the day, chuck some in your bumbag for later on when you start to feel a chill.

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