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Wizard Radio - Review: Jack Garratt (Sunday 27th)


Review: Jack Garratt (Sunday 27th)

Sometimes too much at once can make for a bad set.

Review: Jack Garratt (Sunday 27th)

Jack Garratt; Apple Music Festival, London 2015

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Jack Garratt is one of the hottest new faces in the music industry. His latest single, ‘Weathered’, has received radio play on every major radio station (including W!ZARD Radio Station, of course) and he’s got thousands upon thousands of fans who are waiting for a follow up.

With an almost sold out tour coming up in November (the London date sold out almost immediately), all we’ve heard about is how awe inspiring his live set is.

Jack Garratt could be mistaken for a modern one man band. Surrounding by trigger pads, keyboards, guitars and microphones – the whole show is controlled and performed by himself. Hitting various drum notes on the trigger pad whilst also singing and playing a melody on the piano – he’s got a lot to do at once to pull off even the most basic of songs. But, he performs track after track perfectly.

However, we couldn’t help but feel that he was doing too much at once.

Whilst Garratt may be seen as the ‘modern musician’, the fact that he was so busy left little room for the basics, such as eye contact and pumping up the crowd – after all, he’s a support act. In between songs we catch a glimpse at Jack’s personality, with short jokes and constant questions as to whether the audience are alright, but not enough to steer the set away from awkwardness.

Added with the fact that we only knew one song from Jack’s varied set, we hope that this is something that will disappear with time.

Whilst Garratt has a bucketful of talent, sometimes too much at once can make for a bad set.

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