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Wizard Radio - Katie Snooks - Hit The Road Interview


Katie Snooks - Hit The Road Interview

We interview Beauty Blogger Katie Snooks at the Hit The Road world premiere...

Katie Snooks - Hit The Road Interview

Katie Snooks

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Established London based beauty blogger and photography graduate, Katie Snooks loves and gushes about all things beauty, lifestyle & books! She’s well known for her smokey eyes, beach-blonde locks, petite frame & her loving personality.

We interviewed Katie at the red carpet premiere for Joe & Caspar Hit The Road.

Joe & Caspar Hit The Road is a feel-good film that captures all the fun of friends on an epic European adventure and became Amazon’s biggest selling pre-order title of 2015 in just one day.

The film sees Joe challenge Caspar, who has never had a proper job, to survive the seven day trip using only the money they can earn each day. They offer themselves up for employment in a series of unusual tasks such as learning to be gondoliers in Venice, working as deckhands on a superyacht and becoming street performers on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas.

Listen to our interview below...

James Gilmore interviews Katie Snooks

Katie Snooks tells us about he achievement for Team Interview, the 1D potato and more.

Joe & Caspar Hit The Road is out on DVD and digital download from Monday 23 November.

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