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Wizard Radio - Interview with Ruth Whiteley


Interview with Ruth Whiteley

Joseph Perry catches up with the colourful candidate from The Apprentice

Interview with Ruth Whiteley

Ruth Whiteley

Joseph Perry

W!ZARD News Author

Few Apprentice candidates have caught the public eye in the way that Ruth Whiteley did earlier this series. Between the arrogant architects, and brash beauticians, stood an enthusiastic businesswoman - and an even brighter suit!

She earned the affection of Twitter users and the wider public with her straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to business. Whether she was starring in a billboard advert for ‘Desert’s Secret’ (remember that?), or shovelling animal excrement on a farm in Kent, Ruth Whiteley took on every challenge with professionalism and humour.

She brought a lighter, more polished touch to a series embroiled in ‘fix’ claims and general incompetence.

Although the Pet Show task proved to be her undoing, Apprentice fans will remember Ruth and her suit for some time.

She spoke to Joseph Perry on his Saturday afternoon show about her time in the boardroom, Lord Sugar’s controversial decisions, and where it went wrong for her.

Bringing her trademark positivity with her, she offered advice for any young person considering starting their own business, or expanding their tuck-shop empire!

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Joseph Perry interviews Ruth Whiteley

Joseph Perry interviews The Apprentice candidate Ruth Whiteley about her experience on the hit BBC One show and her advice on how to start your own business.

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