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Wizard Radio - Review: Chris Brown - Fine By Me


Review: Chris Brown - Fine By Me

With latest album "Royalty" around the corner - "Fine By Me" is a fun taster of what's to come!

Review: Chris Brown - Fine By Me

Chris with daughter Royalty, his new album's namesake.

Nicolas Tyrell-Scott

W!ZARD News Author

Royalty is fast approaching, and after several false starts, Chris Brown’s campaign and release date (now December 18th) seems to be solidified and in full flair.

After treating us to singles ‘Liquor’, ‘Zero’ and ‘Back to Sleep’ the fourth addition - ‘Fine by Me’ was released to iTunes and airwaves globally. Does it live up to the previous releases?

The atmospheric nature of Fine By Me is foreshadowed in its abrupt beginning. An electric guitar is rapidly heard getting louder and louder for the first few seconds of the number before keyboard strikes interject and Chris begins.

This intro is quite reminiscent of upbeat 80’s numbers and really follow the same vein that Chris has been dominating for the past few era’s – mainstream pop. “She doesn’t call before midnight, if at all” Chris sings, clearly hinting at being a booty call. He doesn’t seem phased by this however as he calls for her to “Use” him repeatedly throughout verse one.

Over the keyboard and drum led production, Chris tells us that she only loves him when the “lights are off” or the “sun goes down”. Again he re-affirms he doesn’t mind being used, just before the chorus takes way.

“But it’s fine by me”. The entertainer echo’s over and over embodying the care-free and upbeat soundscape at this point. A bass, drum and keyboard combo lead the vocalist in his tale of being used before we’re led into verse two.

“She’s like the wind, she comes and goes out again” Brown describes. Right now he seems to be trying to make us feel sorry for him, something which is not natural to the Brown formula. He always embodies this sense of confidence as if he’s the user, but we get a slight sense of sensibility from him here, maybe the birth of his daughter Royalty has humbled the star? Even all of his friends “Think he's a fool”. Undeterred once more though, he calls them fools before telling us again that he wants her to “Use him”.

Combating his rejection he throws the chorus back at us singing yet again that it’s “Fine” by him. After this the bridge is given to us too. Chris Brown regains control of the situation “She knows I can take her there, after a while she just don’t care”.

In some way I guess, Chris can control the situation and dynamics. The now infectious chorus takes control, and makes it hard for the listener not to want to sing along one last time.

The track as a whole is fun, energetic and upbeat. All attributes very at home in the catalogue of Chris Brown. A formula which has become quite redundant for Chris, was actually enjoyable in the case of ‘Fine By Me’.

The track had interesting production choice and is really familiar to an MJ 80’s sound. I found myself unable to dislike the track from the first play and really think that in collaboration to all the other singles shows a strong and solid foundation for ‘Royalty’ the album.

Bring on December 18th!

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