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Wizard Radio - Review: Iggy Azalea - Azillion


Review: Iggy Azalea - Azillion

After a rough year, Iggy doesn't seem to be improving...

Review: Iggy Azalea - Azillion

Iggy Azalea

Nicolas Tyrell-Scott

W!ZARD News Author

2014 was the year which really ushered Iggy Azalea into the centre of hip hop and granted her weeks and weeks atop the Billboards Hot 100, a feat her competitors in rap (Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks etc.) have thus far failed to reach.

However, the following year gave Iggy the opposite impact. The Australian rapper was plagued with Grammy losses, credibility scrutiny and embarrassing viral videos of her undeniably awkward attempts at rapping live.

Now armed with thicker skin, her fiancé/basketball player/part time MC Nick Youngs support, and much needed time away from the spotlight, Azalea returns with her buzz track "Azillion". Does it do enough to silence the masses, or add to why everyone has judged her thus far?

Our first clue to what "Digital Distortion" (the second album) will sound like, comes from the distinctly Pop sound-scape. The high octave, electro D.R.U.G.S production sets the scene for Iggy to take the lead. "Heading for Azillion, running through a billion, gotta keep it trillion, what is a million?" Iggy raps, letting us know of her strong career aspirations.

After our first dosage of “-illion”, Azalea gives us similar sentiments to her other songs; empowering the ladies and reminding them of their so called "pussy power". Other than that, verse one gives us a couple more lines of her addressing men who are afraid to "put a ring" on their ladies finger, and again motivates everyone to get their money.

After slices and dices from Iggy iggz, the chorus hits our ear waves and we're back to the millions, no - billions, wait, zillions , as Iggy re-iterates that she's feeling like "Azillion". Piano keys are featured in production here as the track really sounds it's most Pop here at the chorus.

It's very reminiscent of a Katy Perry record. Just as you start to get familiarised, an electro transition takes us to the hard hitting drum and techno led verse and Iggy is back for another attempt at a motivational message. "This is when I kill it, when I flip it when I get it on." Iggy clearly wants to slap us (lyrically) into engaging with her message.

The luxuries of having money and being able to spend it on the gold and silvers seems to be Iggy's testimony here and she slips and slides through the verse to let us know all about that subject matter.

What was awkward for the MC, was one of the lines further along. "Who tryna get it tryna get it with me, from December to the motherf****** igguary" the "ing" and "igguary", sound as she raps them, like the N word, which is even more problematic to her brand, as she got singled out for her forced accent last year and got accused of trying to portray a stereotypical southern African American with it. Whether indirectly or directly intended, the ''igguary'' line is slightly controversial.

Moving swiftly on, we're shortly afterwards taken to the ''zillion'' filled chorus before we're taken to a anthemic outro, where, under a new production arrangement, engineered with more of a bass and drum led punch, Iggy repeats half of the second verse and cements her goal and money making aspirations to the masses.

''Azillion'' is a step up to Iggy's "New Classic" work, but it does feel like much of nothing. The production had a great punch, enough to engage at least the pop listeners, so that wasn't the issue. Lyrics however were. Its all good talking about getting money goal chasing, whatever. But the lines and metaphors were weak. Iggy didn't make us feel it and quite frankly the try hard accent is off-putting it sounds more forced than ever on this track.

"Azillion" comes across as an 18 year old who doesn't know their sound so to combat this, goes along with the typical topic of hip hop which has been repeated time and time again (money chasing). I do feel like the motivational tip and showing the masses that she's here to stay was the right mood to use but the topic she used to try and convey that mood is a no.

For success Iggy is going to have to make us FEEL that what she's talking about is authentic to her and her artistry and of course, lyrically she needs to be a notch up (she has improved though). Luckily, however, this is merely a buzz track. Hopefully the first official single gives us even further signs of improvement and fast, as the shelf life of brand Azalea is rapidly expiring.

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