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Wizard Radio - Cover Time: New Americana - Halsey


Cover Time: New Americana - Halsey

James Gilmore lists his top covers of Halsey's loud single "New Americana".

Cover Time: New Americana - Halsey


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

New Americana by Halsey is the latest single taken from the singer-songwriters debut album Badlands.

The electro-fuelled song is all about our generation and how aspects of life which used to seem 'other' or 'taboo' in days long gone (such as marijuana and same-sex marriage) have now become normalised and accepted. The song has propelled Halsey into stardom - charting in the Top 100 charts around the world.

We're listing our Top 4 covers of this incredible track.

Mackenzie Johnson

Skip to 1.50, when Mackenzie starts hitting the guitar as if it's a drum. Whilst Mackenzie Johnson is a well-known musician, and a talented one at that, it's really that verse (featuring the guitar hitting) that put this song on the list. Adding an alternative beat, she really spices the song up!

Yuuwii & Weiwen

This cover has a long intro, so you may want to skip to around 1.30 where it really starts to kick in. This is one of the most unique covers of any song we've ever heard - with the duo turning this electro-pop banger into a chill, laidback groove. It could be an entirely different song...

The Fire & Fury

Another interesting take, featuring some unexpected rapping, this 'Pop Goes Punk' cover of New Americana grabbed our attention very quickly. It's very Linkin Park, but there is something about this cover which we can't help but love. The Fire & Fury have turned a pop track into a rock belter, and we're impressed!

Millie Tizzard

It may be much closer to the original song than the other covers we've featured, but that's what we love so much about Millie Tizzard's effort. She's stripped the song back to a very simple chord structure, a couple of harmonies and nothing else. It's beautiful!

So, what do you think? Tweet us @wizradio with your opinions and your favourite covers!

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