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Show:Me Is Back...

And now you can Get Real Close.

Show:Me Is Back...

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

After a week of speculation, today W!ZARD Radio Station finally announced the return and revamp of one of it’s most popular brands, Show:Me.

Show:Me launched in September 2014 as a weekly takeover slot on W!ZARD Radio Station. 5 artists were signed to the show and each artist would take over for an hour on a Friday night every 5 weeks (in rotation).

The success of the slot led to the creation of spin-off Show:Me More launching in December 2014 – with another 5 artists presenting, this time on Saturday afternoons.

The format was suspended in November 2015 as the team behind the show began revamping and redesigning the shows and the brand itself.

Now Show:Me is BACK and it’s fresh. The show and the brand has returned and, this time round, it’s slightly different…

First of all, Show:Me More has now been scrapped – leaving the only takeover show being Show:Me on Friday evenings, which now has a roster of 8 artists each presenting every 8 weeks.

Of course, there are new artists on board as well. Today, W!ZARD Radio Station announced the first four artists on the roster:

Symmetry (Week 1)

Noah Guthrie (Week 2)

Tyler & Ryan (Week 3)

ESTRONS (Week 4)

There are also changes behind the scenes now – with a new team focused on working with the Show:Me roster on other projects to bring fans even closer to their favourite artists.

The first Show:Me takeover of the new, revamp brand is on Friday 5th February when Symmetry will be taking over LIVE from L.A.

Don’t miss Show:Me and the announcement of the final four artists coming very soon…

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