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Wizard Radio - Review: Capture The Flag


Review: Capture The Flag

Paramount Pictures’ Capture the Flag is in cinemas on January 29th

Review: Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag

Lukas Hamilton

W!ZARD News Author

Paramount Pictures’ decision to make a movie about space travel made me think one thing: Space looks cool!!

The plot revolves around Mike Goldwing (Carme Calvell), a plucky young surfer kid who comes from a long line of astronauts. His father, Scott (Toni Mora) and grandfather, Frank (Camilo Garcia) have fallen out, for an unknown reason and refuse to even talk to each other. At the same time, inherited billionaire Richard Carson (Dani Rovira) holds a press conference and says that he will prove the moon landings were faked, and says that he will prove it by flying to the moon himself and planting the first flag on the moon, claiming the moon for himself. The US government funds a trip of their own, to beat Carson and show the world that the moon landings were not faked. To bring his family back together, Mike, and his friend Amy (Michelle Jenner) sneak into the rocket and take off to go to the moon, along with Frank, who gets trapped trying to get them out of the craft. Now the race is on to get to the moon and beat Carson.

One of the many things that this movie has going for it is; who doesn’t like a movie about space. We on a whole are fascinated with the final frontier. It’s an atmosphere that amazes us, due in part to the fact that we are heavily unlikely to be able to experience it ourselves. And so movies such as Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 or (more recently) Alfonso Cuaron’s smash hit Gravity have very much captured the public’s eye. The same can be said for Capture the Flag, as everything from the driving of the moon rover to the obligatory “look how cool zero gravity is” scene, gives whole thing an atmosphere of happy excitement.

The character of Richard Carson is another one of the movies good points. He is in there for both the children, who will be able to view him clearly as the villain of the piece (and boo him accordingly), as well as being in there for the parents, who will doubtlessly be able to see the comparisons between him and inherited billionaire Donald Trump (and boo him accordingly).

However, the movie does have its faults. The main one being the seemingly random and unneeded romance plot added, between Mike and Amy. You would think that between flying to the moon and subsequently being in danger from attacks from the malicious Carson; the two would not be able to fit in falling in love in their schedule. However by the end, the two best friends (and most teenagers will agree that dating your best friend is not the best idea) have somehow done just that. It felt to me that the movie was interesting and fun enough to not have to have this plot shoved in.

Another area of the movie that is not the best is the performances themselves. Even from those playing the adults, they are much less than gripping then I would have liked. However, the performers understand that they are not really preforming for anyone under the age of 15, and so they use the lines to convey the feeling that they want the audience to feel.

Overall, there has never been anything about space travel that people in general have not found fun. Capture the Flag knows this, and uses it to their advantage to produce a highly enjoyable movie.

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