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Wizard Radio - Lukas Hamilton's Take on W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month

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Lukas Hamilton's Take on W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month

W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month lasted through-out January 2016

Lukas Hamilton's Take on W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month has been an important time for W!ZARD Radio Station and W!ZRD Giving, giving our presenters and audience the opportunity to delve deeper into discussions on Trans issues.

In the past, W!ZARD Giving (the charity arm of W!ZARD Radio Media) has worked long and hard with it's awareness partner Stonewall to launch discussions about LGB issues - but the issues faced by Trans youths have rarely been discussed, if only because Stonewall themselves have only recently become Trans inclusive.

Over the course of January 2016, we have seen almost all of our radio shows engage in discussion surrounding Trans issues - from general entertainment shows such as my show on a Friday afternoon, more serious politics shows such as Benji Hyer and even light hearted shows such as Roman Armstrong. Every show has put their own take on the issue and have launched vital discussions with listeners.

On Saturday the 30th, new presenter Lukas Hamilton also put his, very personal, take on the issues surrounding Trans youths, as his younger brother (aged 13) was born a girl.

Hear the clip below and look around our website for various different clips and content from across W!ZARD Giving's Trans Month.

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Lukas Hamilton's take on Trans Month

Lukas Hamilton plays a clip about a young boy in the USA undergoing gender transformation surgery, and then makes it personal...

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