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Wizard Radio - Review: Miguel - Waves (Travi$ Scott Remix)


Review: Miguel - Waves (Travi$ Scott Remix)

Miguel is bringing back his ''Wildheart'' campaign with a fresh take on album track Waves...

Review: Miguel - Waves (Travi$ Scott Remix)


Nicolas Tyrell-Scott

W!ZARD News Author

R&B has definitely been moulded and remoulded as the years go by and now we’re in a generation being dubbed ‘New-age R&B’. Miguel, has been coined a visionary (along with Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, etc...) in this new movement and direction of the genre.

However, following his widely successful last era (''Kaleidoscope Dreams'' and more importantly the smash hit ‘Adorn’), Miguel has had a less impactful third era with ''Wildheart''. Attempting to refuel the campaign, the vocalist has returned with a remix to the album track ‘Waves’. Choosing to surf with a guest on the reworked number (Travis Scott), does he add enough momentum to create a tidal ‘Wave’?

The remix begins with a similar electric guitar fuelled sound-scape, this time with the techno and classically auto-tuned ad-libs of Travis. “ya, ya” he yells, almost evoking images of a child eagerly awaiting the songs true initiation. Before long the raspier lower register of Miguel takes formation and takes us to a place of comfort.

“Uh set it up, keep rollin', rollin', // drop it // Baby drop it like your stalling, stalling tonight”, he sings clearly anticipating the activity of the night with his lover. Miguel’s vocals are so soft but convincing that you’re almost taken to a scene with a significant other, visualizing the exact scene he yearns for as if it was your reality. Before long Miguel’s comparing the female body to the beach and is eager to “ride that wave”.

Almost instantaneously the chorus kicks in and a bass heavy sound-scape takes over, while Miguel keeps the surfing references on 100, in a slightly softer vocal almost as if he’s embodying the calmness of a real wave. The smoothness definitely comes through here and in an audio-sense, the listener is carried through so effortlessly into the next phase of 'Waves'.

Embracing a new earth element, we land to a place of heat for verse two. “Put it out, I’m on fire, fire// That’s what I’m about take me higher, higher, tonight”. Miguel requests, metaphorically telling his lover to cure his yearning temptation for love-making. As he demands his girl to “put work in it”, the raspier elements of his voice return, emphasizing the urgency of his demands, again he manages to use his voice in a dynamic way to really convey the emotion he’s feeling, a very acute talent which he has masters so effortlessly on this track.

Before long the chorus is back and Miguel clearly is surfing, but this time, we’re led to a new current. Travis Scott leads the way here, “I’ma make the waves, just bring your surfboard”. Travis is clearly not as eager as Miguel and can take things a little slower. His laid back and less demanding verse, Travis tells his lover of all the things he can offer first. “Right now I might pull up on ya on my surfboard like I’m Kelly Slater // Lavish s*** that I might forget // I got E-Mails, texts, I ain’t read those yet”. the entertainer spits, embodying his new approach and more than holds his own on this record.

Slowly Miguel starts to creep into the production again, first as an echo but soon his vocal is heard over Travis pleading again for some action, and one last spin of the chorus is heard before slowly the bass, drums and other production is eliminated one by one until the electric guitar is left.

‘Waves ‘ is a real winner and deserves to be so much higher on the charts than it is. Miguel, in my opinion has another record which has the potential to be timeless (like ‘Adorn’ is shaping up to be).

Miguel’s really mastered his voice and knows how to use it to aid production almost like a second tier, steering the mood and bass-line of his songs. Travis adds the perfect additions to Waves and layers it in a techno sound which, in this case, aids the sound-scape. Really solid record and if promoted has the potential to really revitalize the ''Wildheart'' campaign.

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