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Wizard Radio - Review: The Hunna (Boston Music Rooms)


Review: The Hunna (Boston Music Rooms)

The energy is undeniably electric and major success is looking very close...

Review: The Hunna (Boston Music Rooms)

The Hunna

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

If you talk to anybody in the music industry, there’s one band on everybody’s lips.

Their fans have either discovered them on YouTube or they saw them when they supported hot band ‘Coasts’ who have also been making waves in music recently.

The Hunna have made their own universe, and their fans are all into it. Their Facebook and Twitter feeds are alive with messages from fans and they’ve made new words – such as “1Hunna” (I couldn’t quite work out what it means, but its positive) and “Hunna Tree” (something along the lines of “Hunna Family”). Even their songs reference a love for their fans, with hit song “We Could Be” talking about how important fans are too them.

Seeing The Hunna live is an extension of the vibrant Hunna brand. Despite being a relatively new band on the scene (although they are in the process of selling out their first US date and are booking out the Electric Ballroom in Camden), the 200+ capacity Boston Music Room in London is a clear sign of their success so far.

Packed to the brim, fans know every word to every song and even the unreleased material gets caught onto quickly. Playing an hour of completely original material, hits such as “We Could Be”, “Be Young” and “Bonfire” get a huge response, as for the slower “She’s Casual” – fans know every single word and sing louder than the band.

The energy whilst the band is playing is electric – there’s no other way to describe it. The band clearly put their all into every song and every member is having the time of their lives at the same time. Led by lead singer Ryan, they dance as passionately as the crowd and there is no mistaking their devotion to the band.

Songs with the best reaction were always going to be the pre-released tracks, “World Is Ours”, “Be Young”, “We Could Be”, “She’s Casual” and “Bonfire”, but not far off are new tracks “Still Got Blood” and “Hunna Tree”.

After the gig, fans stick around to meet the band who, after a drink – and probably a smoke – come into the crowd and take selfies and have a general chit chat. If only more bands showed this level of appreciation for fans!

With major success looking very close, you’ll want to say that you knew The Hunna before anybody else. So come on and join The Hunna Tree.

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