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Goodbye Thomas Mills...

Goodbye Thomas Mills...

The end of his show is the end of an era... and the start of a new one.

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

It’s always difficult to see presenters leave, but none more difficult than seeing Thomas Mills leave the Station.

Thomas took an act of faith and joined us in September 2012 with his first show ‘The Panel’. When he first launched the show, everyone was telling both him and us not to go ahead with it – they thought it would be “rubbish”. I guess time shows who was right and who was wrong.

Since the days of The Panel, Thomas has also hosted a variety show on-air, “The MAD Show”, as well as his final self-titled show offering advice for listeners. In the show Thomas has helped and opened his heart to so many listeners – from those dealing with issues regarding their sexuality, relationships, problems at home, money, friend problems, etc… the list goes on.

Thomas has entertained people, and he’s saved people too. Senders such as AnonymousHistory have messaged every single episode and have listened since 2012. That’s the affect that Thomas has had on our listeners lives.

Whilst Thomas’ voice will still be heard on-air occasionally (with more details being revealed soon), the ending of his weekly show will leave a gaping hole difficult to fill.

At the same time, this marks a new era for us here at W!ZARD Radio Station, one we are very excited to begin.

Listen below to what 4 Years of Thomas Mills has sounded like.

4 Years of Thomas Mills

Hear our montage of what 4 Years of Thomas Mills on W!ZARD Radio Station has sounded like…


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