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Wizard Radio - Interview with Pleasure House


Interview with Pleasure House

James Gilmore interviews one of the most exciting upcoming indie-pop bands who definitely AREN'T B-Town

Interview with Pleasure House

Pleasure House

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Birmingham-based indie-pop band Pleasure House have sure been making waves in the music industry.

Ignoring the fact that their live performances have been crowned as “insanely amazing” – their recorded stuff is pretty good too. Their latest EP (“Show Your Colours”) features the track Cyan (which has been making it’s way around radio stations internationally, including W!ZARD Radio Station), Wasted On Me, Why’d You Have 2 Go and M.O.B.

Coming out of Birmingham, the band were contious about their local B-Town scene and how, whilst they have brought many positives, the rise of bands such as Peace and Swim Deep have labelled the area as only having one 'sound'. These guys are on a mission to disprove that...

James Gilmore jumped on the phone to talk to lead singer Alex about the band, their music and the new EP.

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James Gilmore interviews Pleasure House

James Gilmore interviews Alex from Pleasure House about the band, their music and the new EP, ‘Show Your Colours’.


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