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Wizard Radio - Interview with Kelvin Jones


Interview with Kelvin Jones

From Zimbabwe to Britain to YouTube - Kelvin Jones has come a long way and now he's ready to top the charts.

Interview with Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

One of the most exciting new artists of 2016 is Sony Music’s new “priority artist” – Kelvin Jones.

His new single ‘Call You Home’ (which started circling around YouTube in 2014) hit us earlier this year and, ever since, the Zimbabwe-born, British-raised has been shaking up the industry. We sat down and had a chat to him about what we can expect next…

Your new single is called Call You Home – what’s it about?

I try not to be too specific in talking about its origin because I like it when people can find their own meaning in the song and get lost in it. Is that a bit douchey?! Haha

How did you put the song together? What was the creative process and where did your inspiration for the song come from?

I remember it very well; it was around 2am in December in my studio/parents’ conservatory and everyone was asleep and I felt like the only person in the world. I grabbed my guitar and just started singing “Can I call you home?”. I did that for what seemed like an hour, almost like meditation, until I figured out what I was saying and wrote the rest of the song from that.

The music video features you on TV whilst floating in space. What’s this about?

It’s got a deeper meaning I suppose, which is that feeling of having your head in the clouds and just living in your mind as the song has the line “In my mind I call you home”. But in all honesty what I really love about it is just the fact that we managed to put an actual TV in actual space, how insane is that!?

You have a new album out called ‘Stop The Moment’. What can fans expect from it?

My album is…the greatest album I’ve ever done no doubt. Yes it’s my only one but what does that matter haha! It’s a pop/blues insight into what it means to be 18 year old me. Hopefully framed in a way that’s pleasing, at least I think so.

What are your favourite tracks from the album?

I love the title track, Stop The Moment, because I personally think it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written, but more so because it was a turning point for me as a song writer from being able to only write about girls and love to suddenly being able to talk about other things in life.

You recently toured the UK and Europe with X Ambassadors – what was that experience like?

That was as ridiculous and as exciting as it sounds on paper. I was overwhelmed with the love I received from X Ambassadors fans who hadn’t come to see me but were more than willing to get lost in the show with me. And more so, how lovely X Ambassadors are as people, it just makes it all so much more fun when you’re doing it with people you like. I’m currently on tour with James Morrison and its just the same magical, friendly vibe. I love it!

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

This year I’m gonna be a road dog. It’s my favourite part of being a musician and I personally think it’s the bet way to get people to care about your music. So I’m gonna stay on the road for as long as I can and play for as many people as I can!

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