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Wizard Radio - Stonewall on London Pride

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Stonewall on London Pride

James Gilmore speaks to Stonewall about what's taking place at London Pride this year

Stonewall on London Pride

London Pride

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Last year, James Gilmore and Roman Armstrong marched at London Pride with Stonewall to get a real insight into the event and what it must be like for the thousands of people in the LGBT+ community who take part in the parade every year.

Stonewall is the UK’s leading LGBT charity organisation. Their mission is to let all LGBT people know that they’re not alone and they support communities and provide essential services to those facing conflict or difficulty whilst trying to express their sexuality.

Stonewall have a presence at all 22 Pride events across Britain this Summer – but James Gilmore interviewed them to find out a little bit more about Pride in London this year.

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James Gilmore interviews Stonewall about London Pride

James Gilmore interviews Sarah from Stonewall about what's taking place at London Pride.

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