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Wizard Radio - Reading Festival 2016: Sunday Review


Reading Festival 2016: Sunday Review

Lukas Hamilton summarises the final day of Reading Festival 2016

Reading Festival 2016: Sunday Review

Five Finger Death Punch, Reading Festival

Lukas Hamilton

W!ZARD News Author

It is over.

The acts are done, the tents are gone, the clean up has started. However, in true Reading Festival fashion, it didn’t end with a whimper, but with an extremely loud bang.

Sunday started rather late for us, as there was not much in the morning that we wanted to see. However, we were all rather excited to go see A$AP Rocky, along with a large majority of the festival-goers. With green smoke engulfing whole sections of the crowd, A$AP, starting with his smash hit ‘LSD’ sent the crowd into a frenzy. Although the set ran short of the set time, fans did not seem to mind one little bit.

After A$AP, we then went to see Hoodie Allen, who we were surprised to find was in the Radio 1Xtra tent. A bit too mainstream for the 1Xtra tent, the American rapper seemed to just be a bit out of place in the stage that was usually host to much harder acts, such as Big Narstie, who had been on before him. Big Narstie’s set was much more in tune with the vibe in the 1Xtra tent, and so was a massive crowd pleaser.

Next up was a visit to the dance tent to see MistaJam as he mixed new tunes and old standards, giving the dance tent a very well deserved party atmosphere. Staying in the Dance tent, the Reggae legend that is David Rodigan took to the stage, continuing on with the good time vibes from the act previous. His passion for Reggae is completely and utterly infectious, and having been in the game for more than 35 years, it is easy to see why such a big crowd turned up to watch him.

DJ EZ was to be the last act that we were to see, and it seemed that everyone else at the festival wanted to see him too. There was no space in the tent; there was no space outside the tent. The mood was insane, dangerous even. It was so dangerous that at one point, they had to stop the set so that things could calm down and people could get down from the scaffolding they had climbed up. When the set finally resumed, EZ and/or Reading Festival made the responsible decision to make it calmer, with him playing a much slower set, with limited or soft drops, so that no real mosh pit could develop and potentially cause injuries. The smart move paid off, and the rest of the set was notably tamer, returning to the party vibe that had been present in the acts before.

Whilst all of this was happening, Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro took to the Main Stage and The 1975 headlined the Radio 1/NME tent.

Overall, Reading 2016 was amazing. As tents were packed away and people started to return back to the normal life from whence they came, there was a sense of sadness at the fun times and good vibes being over, but also joy at having had such a good time seeing so many amazing performances.

For now it is goodbye to Reading Festival, but with this year’s festival being such a huge success, it is extremely exciting to think of what they will have in store for us next year.

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