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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Keeley and Arianne


Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Keeley and Arianne

Introducing the new game: Quizzee Rascal (inspired by the rap legend himself)!

Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Keeley and Arianne

Sundown Festival

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

What truly makes Sundown amazing are the people of Sundown. Armed with their fizzy drinks and dip-died hair, they are ready for anything.

We sent Roman Armstrong to the heaving Sundown campsite to meet some of the campers themselves - in a segment we’re calling, Quizzee Rascal - named after the legendary rapper (who’s performing on Saturday) himself.

In this first edition, meet Keeley and Arianne - two girls just trying to have a good time… and then Roman came and quizzed them.

Will they win the prize of winning Quizzee Rascal? There’s only one way to find out…

Quizzee Rascal 1 - Keeley and Arianne

Roman plays a round of Quizzee Rascal with Sundown festival go-ers Keeley and Arianne before Sundown opens!

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