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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Olivia and Aussie


Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Olivia and Aussie

The second episode of Quizzee Rascal is here, and this time there's an international guest

Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Olivia and Aussie

Sundown Festival

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

What truly makes Sundown amazing are the people of Sundown. Armed with their fizzy drinks and dip-died hair, they are ready for anything.

We sent Roman Armstrong to the heaving Sundown campsite to meet some of the campers themselves - in a segment we’re calling, Quizzee Rascal - named after the legendary rapper (who’s performing on Saturday) himself.

In this second edition, meet Olivia and (eventually) a kind man from Australia, as they try the navigate the rough waters and high sees of Roman’s quiz.

Will they win the prize of winning Quizzee Rascal? Listen below to find out!

Quizzee Rascal 2 - Olivia and Aussie

Roman plays a round of Quizzee Rascal with Sundown festival go-er Olivia and an Australian man (who actually lives in Ipswich) in the main campsite!

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