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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Kiko Bun Review


Sundown: Kiko Bun Review

The West London born, Jamaican inspired rapper performed an outstanding set at Sundown

Sundown: Kiko Bun Review

Kiko Bun

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

His music is riddled with Jamaican roots, but this West London rapper has just proved that regardless of where you come from you can have a good time and enjoy a bit of a hip-hop/reggae mix.

Kiko Bun has a string of would-be hits under his belt, and if the crowd reaction is anything to go by, they could very likely become hits very soon. Upbeat tracks that would sound fitting under the Jamaican sun - including Sticky Situation, Sweetie and Can't Hold Back - were a contrast to the rain and dark clouds hanging over the Main Stage. However, Kiko summed up the mood best when he said, "it may be raining, but it's still a sunny day".

Perhaps a little shy on-stage (an ironic feature, considering one of his lyrics goes, "I wouldn't have a girl like you if I was a shy man"), at times it did feel like show-and-tell instead of a show the audience could interact with. However, when he did speak to the audience they loved every second of it.

Without a doubt, Kiko Bun brought a hint of sunshine to Sundown Festival. And took with him a whole heap of new fans.

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