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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Jess Glynne Review


Sundown: Jess Glynne Review

A pop act for a dance crowd, Jess found it hard to find her feet at Sundown - but she has a few good bangers!

Sundown: Jess Glynne Review

Jess Glynne

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

Don't get me wrong, Jess Glynne does have some great hits with 'Don't Be So Hard On Yourself‘ and ‘Rather Be‘ amongst them. It was just a pity that she opened with these and left us clueless for pretty much the rest of the show, singing tracks that were good but forgettable.

GCSE Drama teaches you about facing the audience and making eye contact being the key rules to engaging them. Jess did break these rules: going off stage at points, being too far upstage for us to see her and looking down at the floor often. Unfortunately, having a pretty voice isn't enough to get a crowd going. It felt as though she wasn't enjoying the performance as much as she had hoped she would, which was a true shame.

Maybe it was that the crowd wasn't right for her (both of the other stages are dance stages, after all) - or everyone saw her as being in the way of Chase & Status, but Jess found herself being one of the not-so-well received acts of the day.

However, there were some really nice aspects to the whole set. The band, made up of backing singers, brass, percussion and strings, were great! Jess inviting these musicians to show off their talents in the penultimate song was particularly nice, and oh boy they were good.

Ending on Hold My Hand, by the time the set was over the crowd were more on her side. Leaving with a cheer, it was a pop-filled performance for a dance-crazy crowd.

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