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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Maddie, Jess and Ryan


Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Maddie, Jess and Ryan

The fourth and, for now, final episode of Quizzee Rascal features Roman and THREE campers...

Sundown: Quizzee Rascal - Maddie, Jess and Ryan

Sundown Festival

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

What truly makes Sundown amazing are the people of Sundown. Armed with their fizzy drinks and dip-died hair, they are ready for anything.

We sent Roman Armstrong to the heaving Sundown campsite to meet some of the campers themselves - in a segment we’re calling, Quizzee Rascal - named after the legendary rapper (who’s performing on Saturday) himself.

In this fourth edition, meet Maddie, Jess and Ryan - three campers who don’t quite understand the rules of Quizzee Rascal until Roman tells them the answers. But, they stay strong and fight through the war that is Roman’s quiz.

Will they win? Will they survive the treacherous battle The only way to find out is by listening below…

nd people start getting dizzier, playing a legendary game such as Quizzie Rascal can be quite a challenge.

Listen to this clip of what was meant to be Quzzie Rascal #3 - but ended up being two girls talking about their favourite outfits.

You really can’t make this up!

Quizzee Rascal 4 - Maddie, Jess and Ryan

Roman plays Quizzee Rascal with three festival go-ers, although they don't quite understand the rules!

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