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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Sigala Review


Sundown: Sigala Review

Sigala brought a MASSIVE show to Sundown 2016 - and the crowd were on their side through and through!

Sundown: Sigala Review


Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

An energetic set that got everybody jumping, local Norfolk lad Sigala managed to bring the night-club to Sundown’s Main Stage. And yet, he’s not the only one due credit.

As a DJ/Producer, Sigala has made a name for himself with his remixes and collaborations so seeing his name on the setlist for Sunday was impressive and exciting.

Before he started, the staging only got us more excited, with a Hawaiian Club-like feel (totem poles, bongo drums and a thatched hut). Before he even walked on stage, we were greeted with many musicians, singers, dancers and a very emotive hype man, pumping the crowd. All of this build up lead to Sigala walking shyly onto the stage and up to his mixing desk, somewhat anticlimactic.

However, the impressive staging and a number of great performers excused Sigala to get on with his mixing and produce some great live music. It was nice to see the return of Imani from earlier, who has collaborated with Sigala, performing their tracks ‘Say You Do’ and ‘Don’t Need No Money’.

Everything in this set was absolutely necessary for Sigala to keep the attention of the festival goers. More suited to a club environment, Sigala on his own simply wouldn’t have been received as well by this crowd. Thanks to everyone involved, we felt comfortable in jumping like crazy and singing along to classic pop melodies.

Performing hits such as ‘Sweet Lovin’ and ‘Give Me Your Love’ - as well as a “Festival Karaoke” section where he came to the front of the stage to play classic dance tunes - there was no better act for Sundown’s mid-day slot.

Considering he’s still a growing name, we can’t imagine how his stage set could get any bigger!

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