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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Jason Derulo Review


Sundown: Jason Derulo Review

We may have not seen him as much as we wanted to, but Jason Derulo put on a stellar closing show!

Sundown: Jason Derulo Review

Jason Derulo

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

Being the final set to end a buzzing weekend is enough hype as it is, but the insane hype for Jason Derulo was well worth the wait thanks to a stellar performance from a living pop legend and an incredible team.

Opening with a dramatic video montage of performances from all over the world, only building up the suspense, it was somewhat amusing to hear the sound of disappointment when we were instead greeted with a guy named Jae Murphy, turning out to be Jason Derulo’s official DJ. However, despite our annoyance, Jae proved to be a decent hype man and only made Jason’s entrance all the more exciting.

Playing his most famous hits as well as a few new songs, Jason was accompanied by a great band and four wicked dancers. This really made the whole experience a true spectacle, not to mention the excessive use of graphics, smoke and fire effects. The dancers were given the opportunity to show off their talents individually, giving Jason the opportunity to exit the stage. This did seem unnecessary and was slightly disappointing seeing as we wanted to see Jason, but the dancers were really good.

Now, you can’t have a Jason Derulo gig without him removing his top, choosing a lucky girl to be his it girl as he dances seductively to her on stage in front of a very jealous crowd. That is exactly happened and oh boy was she lucky, though she was given a towel to wipe down his sweaty body so beggars can’t be choosers.

Despite not being on the stage as much as we had hoped, Jason Derulo truly earned his place as the Sundown headline act. His catchy songs, talented dance moves and great voice were enough to win us over, but it was the other dancers and the visual spectacle which made the performance unforgettable.

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