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Wizard Radio - Sundown: Lil Kenny


Sundown: Lil Kenny

Will the Sundown campers discover the truth behind Lil Kenny?

Sundown: Lil Kenny

Sundown Festival

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

When you’re at a festival with a line-up such as Sundown Festival - it’s difficult for you to NOT know any artist on the line-up.

But, then came Lil Kenny.

To test the camper’s knowledge of the Sundown line-up, Roman Armstrong created a rapper called Lil Kenny and pretended he was playing on, well actually all of the stages! The Canadian rapper definitely caused a stir at the festival – despite the fact he was fake.

Listen to Roman trying to see if the Sundown campers play along – or if they realise it’s all a fake.

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Lil Kenny

Roman Armstrong tests the Sundown camper's knowledge of the line-up by making up a rapper called Lil Kenny and seeing if they spot that he's fake! (7 minutes)

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