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Roman Armstrong's Dictionary

Roman Armstrong gives you the opportunity to chose your favourite definitions for real (and fake) words!

Roman Armstrong's Dictionary

Roman Armstrong

W!ZARD News Author

We’ve all heard of the Oxford English Dictionary, but this looks amateur when compared to Roman Armstrong’s Dictionary: the go-to place for all nonsensical words that previously never existed or are so archaic that they need new definitions.

That’s where you guys come in!

Every week, Roman Armstrong will nominate a random word of his choosing and ask for your suggestions as to what the definition could be.

We’re looking for the funniest, zaniest, believable and most out of this world definitions for the word that week and, once we’ve got our top three, they’ll be battling it out for your votes. Whichever is the most popular shall win and the word along with its new and improved definition shall go to the dictionary that everybody is talking about, Roman Armstrong’s Dictionary.

So what are you waiting for? Do you think you can contribute towards this ever-growing amalgamation of words?

Past Words and Definitions

Pogonophile - Someone who loves pognolia (the latin word for shaving foam)

Jarkling - The scientific term for the noise made by a human when they try to talk with water in their mouth

Shivoo - Usually said as 'shivood' - when you swing all the way around the frame on a swing set

Kanone - The ancient ritual of cutting off a little boy's tail when he is ready to become a man

Choily - When your hair gets so greasy it starts to clump together

Absquatulate - To leave abruptly

Thrawling - To wrap yourself up so warm, that you eventually die from overheating

Bindlestiff - The real theory that witches still fly on their brooms on a full moon

Ratoon - When you have a cold that's so bad, you make sniffles like a rat

Blaboon - The scientific term of being so full after eating so much food, you feel like a blaboon

Barmecide - When someone is so crazy that you just need a word to describe them

Hoggle - Being cheated out of a deal or an opportunity, e.g. you just got hoggled

Prangle - The old English term for someone who dresses up in fancy dress every day for no apparent reason

Mistangulicious - The sense when you can smell a really odd smell, not neccessarily a bad one though, and you can't work out what it is

Rosipaverdro - When you can't understand what an older person is saying so you just give up and pretend you understand

Hoffoon - The physical act of being rolled somewhere because you are too full on food to walk

Vonodobian - A vampire who has a fetish for cheese

Jonking - The official term for when all of the JENGA blocks topple over

Globankular - An ancient stick used by mothers for centuries which, when they hit a surface with it, magically cleans the surface and the surrounding room

Cloggypoggy - The term for when you don't understand what someone says, and ask "Excuse me" but after the second time just settle with not knowing what they said

Eromon - The term for someone who dissppears from your life and you never hear from them ever again

Listen to Roman’s show, every Sunday from 6pm-8pm to take part!

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