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Wizard Radio - Review: MiC LOWRY at KOKO, Camden


Review: MiC LOWRY at KOKO, Camden

The new 'boys from Liverpool' headlined a sold-out date at 1,500-person capacity KOKO in London

Review: MiC LOWRY at KOKO, Camden


Myles McCaulskey

W!ZARD News Author

Camden’s KOKO is a special place.

It can fit over 1400 people, has three floors and the vocals are perfect wherever you stand. With that being said, MiC Lowry took over the venue on a Monday night in February for a stellar performance, that wowed the crowd.

Singing some of their classics from their first EP “The Show” such as ‘Tuxedo’, moving into more recent classics such as Bad Intentions and their biggest hit to date, Oh Lord, every vocal was on point. Each member has their own flair and diverse vocal range and personality, something the boys know how to display during their set.

The crowd was electric. Between songs the boys from Liverpool would make jokes with the crowd or a random fan, usually female, would scream “WE LOVE YOU MiC LOWRY” and the boys would respond “WE LOVE YOU TOO.” It was cute! They even had some choreographed dance moves that got the crowd roaring. One of the best reactions we’ve heard from a crowd in quite some time.

Fresh from the Justin Bieber’s European Leg of the Purpose Tour, last night showed everyone that the boys are not taking a break anytime soon and are gearing up for a massive 2017. They even gave a preview of their brand new single “Whiskey Kisses” which is coming out on the 10th March.

It’s amazing to see how far these boys have come. From opening for Shakka fat Hackney’s Oslo (250 person capacity) to selling out KOKO as a headliner… it’s a massive deal.

Some people may say that R&B is dying in today’s culture but MiC Lowry continue to defy this opinion. We hope they receive all the credit they deserve this year.

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